The Bijli, Paani and Sadak

Bijli, Paani and Saadak i.e. Light, Water and Road , have been the theme of all political parties ever since Independence. Funny, they still manage to get votes on the same manifesto. Neither did the people realize that they have been cheated for the past 50 years and neither do the politicans have any remorse that they failed to keep their promises for the same 50 years.

May be the solution doesn’t lie in the hands of the policians or the policy makers. The solution lies with us. We are the one’s who have to work for these solutions and implement for our own good. So what’s the solution, how can you and I for instance solve the problem of power.

Ta..da……. here is the solution , read Thrive’s innovative solution. 

Now, let’s go to our next problem , the Water. The problem of water scarcity has meant long walks in the dreaded sun or going without drinking water for days together. How do we solve this problem ? Rain Water Harvesting .

Ok, so we’ve got the power, the water, how about the roads ? What we do about all the garbage that’s lying everywhere ? What we do about them ? There is and yes there is a soluton for this too. Turn the garbage into gold.

Had we relied on our elected leaders, we would have waited and so would have our kids and their kids. Ok, may be it’s a very simplistic approach, but it’s actually very practical. One village at a time. The village panchayats had played a very crucial role in the development of village back in t 50’s , 60’s and even till early 70’s. The village panchayat’s have to be empowered, they need to be realize that their future, their development , their progress lies in their own hands.

There are plenty of people, organizatons , groups working hard to help improve the quality of life of the less fortune,  give them the opportunites to prove themseleves. As responsible societies, we need to help share  knowledge, the expertise , the technology so that it reaches the people who need the most and as a mater of fact, deserve the most. We need to build this bridge to narrow the gap between the have’s and have not’s. 

It’s time we give our leaders to talk about something else to fool the people.


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