Right to Education

So the “Right To Education”  becomes a fundamental right. No, i’m not trying to undermine the milestone, but at the same time, it’s not something we should be entirely proud of. This was a long time coming.

The current UPA and the previous governments introduced some very significant bills and acts such as Right to Information Act , National Rural Employment Gaurantee Act , just to name a few. Introducing the bills, the acts is all good , but often it’s the implementation that’s what matters and unfortunately that’s what is lacking.

For instance, A friend of mine had filed an RTI to find out how much the Andhra Pradesh government had spent on publiczing the RTI in the state in a given year. It was a shocking revelation. Only Rs 7 Lakhs.  In the same year the government had spent some crores of money for some promotions involving the party. Now , an act as important as RTI, what good can it serve, if it’s only known by people like you and me.

NREGA was also no different. Not many people in the rural area knew about this act , however, the government on the other hand already budgeted hundreds and thousands of crores for this program. It works well for the government. Less awareness implies less questions, less accountability and more money for the corrupt bueracrats.

I’m very skeptical about the “Right To Education” Act also. Unless, the government spends time, effort and money in educating and reaching out to the most needy people and also involves and engages, NGO’s , MEDIA ( both print and tv ) , the real benefit of this Act cannot be achieved.  

And as citizens or should i say , as informed citizens, it’s also our duty to spread the message about this ACT and do our bit in helping spread the awareness. Know it, Learn it, Spread it, Teach it.


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