School in Ayyalur

Aylapur is a small village which is 6 kms from Nandyal. On my current vacation to Hyderabad, India, i happend to visit a government school in Aylapur as part of the Lead India 2020 program.  The government school @ Aylapur has classes from I to VII with the total strength of 185 students , as per the roll call. Some other statistics about the school that I felt quite compelling although not entirely suprising.

  1. As per the attendance register, on an average only 40% of the students were present in the class.
  2. The school lacks basic infrastructure such as tables, benches, chairs etc.
  3. None of the kids were wearing any sort of foot wear.
  4. No proper tiolet facilities.
  5. There were only 3 small rooms which were meant to hold classes for all the students ranging from I to VII.
  6. As per the school principal and teaching staff, the local villages abuse the school facilities during the night time and misuse it for gambling and drinking. In the process also damaging the school property.
  7. No proper drinking water facilities available.
  8. Drop out rates in schools is very high among girl child, especially those who pass out VII class, primarily for two reasons.
  • higher education is not available in the village and parents are reluctant to send girl children to near by villages for higher studies.
  • forced into child marriages or child labor. Brick making is the main occupation in the village.

Some very encouraging facts about the students and the school in general.

  1. A few kids whom i spoke to randomly were very forth coming, very confident and even recited quite of poems without any inhibitions.
  2. Some kids expressed the desire to study beyond VII and requested me (:-) to arrange for higher studies in their school or village.
  3. The school has a mid-day meal program which although not being efficiently run @ the moment , but has the basic infrastructure needed to carry out the program.
  4. This school happens to be the only govt school in the entire mandal  that has a computer.

All in all, the school doesn’t appear to be a place where kids could learn. It looks more like a run down building which has been converted to a school. Such is the environment where we are letting our future build their future.

Some of the pictures taken by the school headmaster


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  1. Thanks for letting us about the condition of typical government school.

    So what we are going to do about it. Can we file an RTI to improve the facilities of this school.

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