Visit to Akshayapatra

Two years ago, when i first learn about Akshayapatra , who were running an automated kitchen to feed almost 1 lakh kids every day, i had lot of questions in my mind as in What does an automated kitchen mean ? Is the food prepared by a machine or a human ? To feed 1 lakh kids on a daily basis, one needs to be fully organized with meticulous planning , i didn’t think this was possible.

But as i spent more time reading about it, talking to the people involved it, i was really impressed and also motivated to pitch in wherever or however i could. So i started with my daughter’s 3rd birthday.

I asked all my friends to donate money instead of giving presents to my daughter ( i shall apologize to my daughter when she is grown up ) . Thanks to all those donations, we raised about $1000 , enough to provide lunch  for 75 kids ( spread across 2 government schools in Patancheru, Hyderabad ) for a whole year.

During my recent trip to India, I visited the automated kitchen in Patancheru , Hyderabad. I should admit it was a great learning experience. They were very meticulous , very organized , very prudent and most importantly very loyal to the cause.  Some of the striking aspects of the kitchen and it’s operations are

  1. Akshayaptra works with the government and participates in the government sponsored Mid Day Meal Program.
  2. The government allocates Rs2 per kid per meal. Akshayapatra raises another Rs4 and makes it a Rs6 per kid per meal.
  3. The food is prepared as per the standards set by the government.
  4. Akshayapatra kitchens receive the rice grains from the government. It then hires local villagers to clean the rice.
  5. The preparations for food for any given day starts @ around 3:00am. The preparations includes cleaning the kitchen, the cooking vessels, then the vegetables, preparing the rice etc.
  6. The food is prepared by 6:30 and with in 30 – 45 minutes is loaded into the delivery trucks.
  7. The kitchen in hyderabad serves 30,000 students every single day.

Also sharing some of the pictures that i took during my trip :


2 thoughts on “Visit to Akshayapatra

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  1. Suresh,
    Thanks for sharing the details of Akshayapatra-m sure this info inspires many more such noble donations to it…
    BTW, did you really go to India for a vacation or for working (for the orgnzn.s-with all these visits…) in name of vacation? I’ve seen people do it the other way till now 🙂 you set an example to many!!

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