we let it go

  • a mother looses her baby because she couldn’t afford the treatment ,we let it go
  • a farmer looses his land to the money lender because he couldn’t afford to pay the interest, we let it go
  • a student commits suicide because he couldn’t take the stress from his parents, his peers , we let it go
  • a 10 year old is sold as a sex slave because her parents think she is bad luck, we let it go
  • some thugs with AK 47 take the city and it’s people hostage , kill 200 odd people, we pay a candle light tribute and then we let it go
  • politicians buy votes to come into power , we let it go
  • politicians are caught in some of the country’s biggest scandals , we let it go
  • a retired army personnel needs to bribe to get his retirement benefits, we let it go
  • naxalites and army have the entire state caught in a war with lives of the innocent people in the line of fire, we let it go
  • what was once a green colony is now turned into a high rise buildings concrete jungle by cutting down all the trees, we let it go

We let it go, whatever the issue , whatever the problem, we simply let it go. Why ? we have a job to do, we have a family to look after, we have mortgages to pay, we have movies to watch, we have cricket matches to play , we have shopping to do. We have a very busy life schedule, but surprisingly enough we manage to take time for everything and take care of everything , but when it comes to our neighbors , our community , our society and our country , WE LET It GO .

Aren’t we capable of taking on one more task, aren’t we capable of managing one more task. So what is it that’s stopping us from taking that one step , adding one more task , is it because we don’t think our services are not needed ? is it because we don’t think the situation is grave enough for our contribution ? Do we need the British to take over India ?

Before independence , it was a handful of Britishers who ruled the country , after Independence , it is a handful of politicians, billionaires and bureaucrats who are ruling the country. As gandhiji said, it doesn’t matter to the poor , if the white ruler is replaced by a brown ruler. DO WE STILL LET IT GO ????


3 thoughts on “we let it go

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  1. Suresh, very great inspiring article. It’s always good to see you churning thoughts from your side. I am the one who is always benefited by you! Thanks

  2. Tried to figure out answers to these but never have. Always wonder how difficult it is for people to take up that one extra task !

  3. Absolutely. The British looted our country. Now our own leaders are looting it. The politicians are making sure that we are eking out a living with price rise, 24/7 jobs so that we can leave them to loot the country and safekeep the money to Swiss Banks.

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