Mujhe Rahat Do , Say’s Sharad Pawaar

“I want more time with my party and the ICC and all those stuff. I have agriculture, food and consumer affairs department. For so many years, I have been in the government. This year, I will complete 44 years in Parliament [and assembly] and I think 25-26 years in the government. Mujhe rahat milna chahiye [I need relief].” ( source : )

Sharad Pawaar has been holding

  1. the Agriculture ministry
  2. Food and Consumer portfolio’s
  3. the most sought after “BCCI president”
  4. and now, recently the “ICC president”.

So the man , Sharad Pawaar , definitely deserves a break. To add to this, he also had a surgery just recently. But the minister, Sharad Pawaar, does he need a break , I’m not too sure.

Agriculture is the biggest employer in India. Almost 70% of the Indians are employed by this industry and has been the back bone of Indian economy at least for the first 3-4 decades after Independence. Yet, it’s the only industry where none of it’s employees have any employer benefits, employer protections, any sort of insurance coverage , any unions etc etc. The situation is so bad, that the farmers or the employees are on a suicide spree and yet the employer , the Indian government is failing to even acknowledge, leave aside helping them.

So how can the “CEO” of such an industry assume other responsibilities without addressing any of the current problems. As a matter of fact, the “CEO” should be sacked. If the “CEO” was concerned about this health , then by all means,  he should have taken a sabbatical. But instead, our “CEO”, Sharad Pawaar assumes the role of ICC president and requests the central government to reduce his responsibilities. The central government instead of sacking him or even reprimanding him for this blatant dereliction of duties, instead down plays the whole episode by giving this a human angle. It also goes on to show how serious our government is about the “Agriculture Industry” and more importantly it’s employees , “The Farmers”.

Surprisingly the media also didn’t pick on this or may be i haven’t been reading the news papers.

Anyways, Mr. Sharad Pawaar ,i hope you stay healthy and go great things for your career. Please don’t worry about the agriculture portfolio , just concentrate on being the “ICC president”. The industry has not declining for decades, so having you or not having you as it’s CEO , will hardly meet.  Oh and good luck with your new found “Stardom” !!!


One thought on “Mujhe Rahat Do , Say’s Sharad Pawaar

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  1. He indeed needs a break from politics altogether. I have no idea about his multi-tasking abilities, but he is crucial for UPA govt to stand, so MADAM ji can go to any extent to entertain his demands(sorry, requests).
    I have never seen “Sharad Pawaar” without “Power” since my childhood, let it be central or state. He was wither Leader of Opposition or Maker of the ruling govt. If not, a role in the cricket world.
    A man with never dying desire to become the Prime Minister of INDIA seems to have realized that he cannot with the first family of congress becoming stronger and stronger with their boot licking followers. I strongly think that is the reason for his rest, but nothing else. I wish, he takes a break from his crooked poli”tricks”.
    To be honest on the Agriculture, it really doesn’t matter who is there in CEO’s job (A.G. Minister), the fate of farmers and farm laborers remains the same. Being the largest org. helps its CEO to earn more and more by blackmailing the nation with cheap schemes……

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