Where are the bullet proof vests ?

Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and almost every other major city has either been under a terrorist attack or an terrorist attack has been attempted. Hundreds of people lost their lives, hundreds of them were injured, businesses impacted, life in metro’s ( as they say ) was never the same after that.

How does the media react ? The media reacts by showing the deadly images of the terrorist attacks ( or attempted attempts ) and then a week later show how the city returned to normalcy , how it’s people are resilient, how it’s people are blah blah and blah .. no disrespect to the people, but the people don’t  have any option either. It’s their livelihood and they have to return to work, kids have to go to school, businesses have to re-open.

How does the government react ? After the typical blame game of the opposition and the ruling party, the government is forced or cornered to admit that it will beef up the police security , setup new intelligence agencies, come up with new anti-terrorist acts etc etc .. oh and provide better police equipments, bullet proof vests, automatic guns etc etc ?

I personally am not sure how difficult or easy it is to the rest of the things the government promises , but providing better police equipments, bullet proof vests is more practical in other words no opposition party would oppose this. But have they been delivered yet ? Definitely not , i will file an RTI soon to confirm this.

What’s stopping the government from doing the least it could ? I was a bit more optimistic in thinking the government would also setup a disaster management system , but that’s really asking too much. But providing the bullet proof vests, advanced weapons and machinery… come on , this is ridiculous. This is ridiculous, but why should the government care if we don’t care. If we don’t ask , if we don’t demand, why should the government care ? Government makes promises to just win the elections, if they have to deliver on those promises, we need to ask, we need to demand. Voting is not the end of our responsibility , it’s just the beginning.

I shall soon update my blog with the RTI.


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