RTI .. whose battle is it anyways ?

When RTI was introduced to me in 2006 , I never envisioned this to become so powerful and never ever imagined , that this could become dangerous and could claim innocent lives.

Freedom fighters in the past, the army in the past and in the present, the activists , a select few among us have always sacrificed their lives and unfortunately will continue to sacrifice. Fighting for our country, fighting the enemies within the country and only a select few fighting this fight every single time. Remember this is still our fight, our battle, our country, our enemies.

Ab tak jiska khoon naa ubla khoon nahi woh paani hai, jo desh ke kaam naa aa sake woh bekar jawani hai !!!

Aaakir Kab tak hum haath pein haath dharein bhaite  , kab tak hum yuhi .. bus yuhi bhaite rahein … aakir khab tak !!!


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