Second freedom movement ?

Some states are fighting over water; some states are dealing with the problems of Naxalism; some states are dealing with cross border terrorism; some states are fighting for their sheer existence; this pretty much covers all the states in India. There is not a single state that’s problem free.

Now this is not my imagination, one can refer to any news paper, any news channel , any day !!!

But the real problem , the big problem , the real big problem is no one acknowledging this. What does it take , what else does it take for all of us to realize that a few elected politicians are abusing their power, ruining their own constituencies, their own states and their own country. How is this different from the British in the 19th and 20th centuries trying to rule India , other than ofcourse the color of the skin ?

It’s just mind boggling and at the same time very very frustrating,  that few among us are robbing the country and yet only a select few individuals, groups, NGO’s always stand up against the system, the politicians, the judiciary ? Have we become so illiterate , so inconsiderate, so blind sighted we can’t see what’s happening to our country or is it just that we’ve chosen to be irresponsible towards our community, our country ?

I wish we had another shot @ the freedom movement , which could re-unite all the people , yet again for the country.


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