To give or not to give

I remember it was a Friday evening and i just got out of the office building. I was rushing towards the train station , when I was stopped by a middle aged, 40+ something man. He looked lost and was somewhat desperate.

He told me he was from Atlanta and that he had lost his luggage. He requested me if I could lend him $100 , so he could go back to his hotel room and arrange for his travel to Atlanta.

I did not have any money on me , so I took him to the ATM , drew the money and handed it to him. I turned back and started heading towards the train station. The man stopped me and asked me to give my number so he could call me on Monday and return he money to me. So I gave him the money.

The weekend was over an when the clock ticked 4’o clock , I suddenly remembered that I’m supposed to receive a call around 5 pm. So began the wait. It was 5 , then 6 and then 7 pm. No signs if any phone call.

It was then that I felt disappointed. Very disappointed. Not because I was not going to get the money back, honestly I never expected the money back. But the man gave me a false sense of hope that he acknowledges the help I offered. He made me believe that I was truly helping someone who needed help and was not getting tricked.

Of course it turned out to be an act of a conman.

So was it may fault that I let the man cheat me, may be, but had this been a genuine case where the man was in need of money and I turned him down even though I was in a situation to help. So was I right or wrong in doing what I did … Well it was all situational and it was a spontaneous reaction.


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