Life is just unfair

Vedavathi was the third of the five tychildren born to her parents. But since she was the eldest girl child , she had to take care of the daily chores of the family, look after her younger and older siblings and her parents. It all seemed to come quite naturally to her, may be because that’s how the life was in a small village and that was all she saw, that was all she learnt and that was all she believed.

Before she realized she was a teenager and her parents started looking for a match for her. And in a couple of months she was married and sent away to her husbands house. Vedavathi’s husband was a landless farmer and was already struggling hard to make ends meet. A couple of years went by and the poor farmer not withstanding the continued struggles of farming committed suicide by consuming the pesticide that was meant for his crops.

Vedavathi,s in-laws were devastated and finding ways to come to terms with the tragedy. They found some consolation by pinning the blame on vedavathi. They were so full of it they didn’t even care for grandchildren and forced her and her children out.

Back home, her father was having serious health issues and was completely bed ridden. He eventually succumbed to death. As if this was not enough her brothers started fighting over property. The fight became so ugly the two elder brothers built a wall and started leaving separately. Amidst all this vedavathi was left penniless and without a roof on her head.

She being the fighter she was , rented a small one room house and managed everything by herself. She took up multiple jobs and worked 16 hours a day and sometimes even over the weekends. Her son and daughter were now going to school and were leading a normal life just like other children. Years went by , she successfully managed to dug herself and her family out of misery and lead a very peaceful life.

Vedavathi,s son was appearing for his 8 10th standard board exams. He at times would show some psychological problems and would behave erratically. This coupled with some bad influences from his peers he took an extremely tragic step to burn himself. By the time vedavathi returned home , all she was left with was ash and a burnt house.

Only vedavathi knows how she managed to pull herself together. She decided to move closer to her brothers , although they completely deserted her. She was not looking for her any financial support but just some moral support. Vedavathi’s only concern now was her daughter. She was looking for a suitable match and fortunately for her, found one without much difficulty.

Vedavathi was now leading a lonely life but she somehow managed to be content and be at peace with her life. But this was to be short lived. Her daughter died under mysterious circumstances.

Vedavathi, btw , is not a fictional character , she is my cousin living in nandyal. Everything that I blogged about her happened in the past 20 years or so.

Talk about misery, talk about survival skills, talk about tragedies, talk about courage, about hope , about deceit , about family , about love , vedavathi’s life is a living example.

I have no words to console her, I only hope whatever inner strength she has left will help her get past this too.

Vedavathi’s situation is not just the fault if her family, but she happens to be the victim of a grave socio , economic , political , cultural phenomenon that has been plauging our society for more than a century. And what’s even worrisome is the fact that vedavathi happens to be one among many of the hundreds of thousands of victims.

And despite all this we continue to dream of becoming the biggest economy , the leading nation of the world. .… what kind of a world are we living in ?


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  1. If we can see another human as our dear irrespective of whether own or not, Most problems on this earth will vanish.

    If we look at ourselves and our neighbours without bothering about the distinctions of borders, race, religion but understand that we are here for a common goal, most problems will vanish.

    If we understand why we are here and to accomplish and understand what, Most problems will vanish..

    Or the best is if we “STRIVE” to live the way great people (people not in materalistic wealth but in character) lived keeping them as bench mark, most problems will vanish.

    I pray god to give all those suffering, the strength needed to continue and understand their life.

    “No One is perfect in this world. All that is important is do you strive to be perfect or not.” -Anilkumar BVN

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