A contest of a different kind

Reading all the news about CWG, I began to wonder if they was a different kind of contest such as

  • Which is the country(‘s) which has seen the most number of farmer suicides in the past decade ?
  • Which is the country(‘s) that has the most number of uneducated politicians ?
  • Which is the country(‘s) that has seen massive levels of corruption in both public and private sector ?
  • Which is the country(‘s) that has the highest number of government schools and yet the lowest number of students enrolled ?
  • Which is the country(‘s) that is still battling religious fights, racial fights, hunger fights, language fights, border fights ?
  • Which is the country(‘s) where people still believe in the judicial system, but the judiciary hardly delivers timely justice ?
  • Which is the country(‘s)  women are still treated as secondary citizens ?

Imagine if there was a contest like this, then India would probably feature among the top few in each one of these contests. But then ,if you ask, despite all this, which is the one country that claims itself to become the most developed , the most powerful in the near future, India would probably stand out.

Should we be proud of this ? Should we be confused as to how this could be possible ? Should we even care about this ? Well.. for now , i would say, let the GAMES begin and I sincerely hope CWG is a big success despite all it’s short comings.


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