• We’ve an ambani who spends a billion dollars to build a house for a family of 6 and then we’ve the “poor man” who has to sell his daughter to support his family.
  • We’ve a media that takes great pain to go into the hills of kargil and bring the live coverage of the war to our loving rooms and then we’ve the same media who refuses to go to the near by suicide belt in vodharbha.
  • We’ve a government that’s willing to spend thousands of crores and build world class stadiums and facilities to host cwg, and then we’ve the same government tthat doesn’t care about the people displaced by the   cwg games.
  • We’ve a system that guarantees a bright future ( i.e. politics ) for the criminals  and then we’ve the same system that leaves the educated to the streets.
  • We pay for the special darshans in tirupathi and their by helping Tirupathi to raise 117 crores in one year and then we have the people who question even one one rupee when giving it to an NGO.
  • We brag about having a women president, the first female astronaut and then we mistreat the women and cannot guarantee their safety forget about their well being.
  • We provide the most complex technology solutions to the MNC’s and are renound everywhere in the world but we fail to  even get the  basic electricity to our own villages.
  • We have the best educational institutions in the world a.k.a the IIT’s , the IIM’s and then we have the worst possible primary schools for our kids, which doesn’t even have the basic toilets and the basic infrastructure.
  • We claim to be responsible, we claim to be concerned about our country and it’s well being, but when it comes to exercising the most basic right , to vote, we bail out.

I often wonder, WHO ARE WE PEOPLE ? Really ? WHO ARE WE ? This is an equation that is highly imbalanced , the left is where the most powerful , most wealthy are and then on the right we have the most deprived, the most destitute.

Unfortunately , this sort of dichotomy is deeply ingrained in the community, the society and the country. There is no panacea for this. The only thing we could do is try and whatever we can in our capacity to help those who are on the right.  If this trend doesn’t reverse itself then we, who now are in the middle, would soon find ourselves in the right side of this imbalanced equation.


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