Government is the “Mai Baap”

Over the last few months 1600 scavengers have been rehabilitated through benefits under various government schemes such as BPL card, NREGA, pension schemes etc. In addition, they are being given Rs 2,200 to construct the pour-and-flush toilet in their home so that they do not have to go out for open defecation.

The above is an excerpt of an article published on India Together.

Thanks to the efforts of the local administration, the government agencies and it’s policies in getting rid of dry toilets. This is a testimony that if the government machinery works the way it’s supposed to, then no matter what kind of an issue it is, it’s bound to be resolved. That’s the power of the government and the system in general.

The interesting point to note is that why did the government decide to address this problem now when the ban on human scavenging was put in 1993, why did it take 17 years for the government to take up this. Could it be public demand, media pressure, international pressure ? Well, I’m not really sure what it is , but whatever be the circumstances, i’m sure that the government just didn’t take up this on it’s own.

The government and it’s entire machinery is setup in such a way that it has the reach to the most backward villages and the most remote places in India. And so it becomes all the more important that the people and the government work in tandem, hand in hand. The people cannot work in isolation and so is the government. So the onus is really is on us to make the machinery work. It’s just like a car, it’s designed to take us from one place to the other comfortably provided we keep it in the running condition and properly maintain it.

Moreover with tools like RTI, access to internet, the media , it’s slightly less challenging now to ensure the machinery is kept in a working condition , than when compared to a decade ago.  Hopefully in the coming years, we get to hear these kind of news more often than not and hopefully the main stream media also properly acknowledges such efforts by the government and not just report on Aishwarya celebrating her birthday or Ambani preparing for the house warming ceremony.



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