Policies year after year after year

The policies/programs proposed below are quite revolutionary. If implemented , that’s a big IF, probably an impossible IF, but nevertheless, they have the potential to eradicate poverty once and for all. The two biggest reasons for the poor to be really poor is lack of education and lack of health insurance. The Congress Government during it’s election campaign in 2004 made very bold declarations in their manifesto. I wish there was an annual report card giving the progress made by the government in various sectors. May be this should be something the election commission should seriously consider.

I understand it’s naive to think that this would make the government any more accountable , but at least it’s a step in the right direction and if we use this along side the RTI, then it becomes a powerful tool to evaluate the performance. But until that happens, an RTI application is the way to go.


  • Free education will be provided to girls in all government colleges.
  • More number of government degree and junior colleges will be opened in various districts.
  • Student councils will be formed in all schools and colleges to take care of the welfare of students and act as the link between the students and managements.
  • In addition to continuing the midday meal scheme, additional package of incentives will be framed to not only to curtail the number of drop outs but also to attract new children to the school.
  • Ensure that the seats in the government medical and engineering colleges will be filled strictly in accordance with merit and the prevailing rules of reservations and no seats will be available for donation.
  • Support in good measure the students pursuing higher studies in the form of fellowship, etc.
  • Merit scholarships will be provided both to economically and socially backward categories to ensure that no bright student will be deprived of his/her due and all the arrears of scholarships will be cleared.
  • Above all to make Andhra Pradesh as a state with one of the highest literacy rates in the country in the next five years.


  • The user charges in the government hospitals will be abolished.
  • To come up with a scheme to fund a part of the margin money/premium to BPL families to enable them to utilize the Universal Health Insurance Scheme, which promises to reimburse hospitalization expenses up to Rs30,000/-, besides some other facilities like compensation for death and loss of employment for absence of work due to ill health.
  • To undertake health care for the poor. In case when a government hospital refers a patient of below poverty line, to a private or corporate hospital for ailments like heart, brain, kidneys, the cost of such treatments will be borne through a separate fund to be created in association with insurance companies.
  • For the remote areas, where large sections of tribal population live, self-contained mobile clinics will be provided.
  • The skills of all rural medical practitioners in the staete will be regularly evaluated and upgraded with short-term training and certification.
  • Increase the budgetary allocation on health to ensure that the existing government health care system will be strengthened by ensuring proper availability of medicines and doctors.

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