Please, just shut up !

It was Friday early morning around 2:15am EST when I accidentally stumbled upon the news channel. It was showing the early images of the tsunami ! The level of intensity was difficult to gauge immediately but within 15 minutes of non stop news coverage I realized this is a tragedy that’s going to unravel in ways that’s beyond my imagination. I woke up my wife and we both saw the live feeds for the next one hour and then slept around 4:00am.  The next day morning, I went to work ; inquired about the safety of my colleagues in Tokyo and got back to work.

Painting a grim picture:

The news coverage was getting increasingly sad terribly painful to watch. It’s one thing to report the damage it’s another thing to report the emotional side of this damage. While people in japan are trying to reconcile, recover from the situation , this kind of constant media attention on the devastation is in my opinion is doing more damage to the hope and belief that things will be alright. Because at this moment hope is the only thing that can keep the spirits of the Japanese intact and give the courage to fight the situation. So don’t take away that hope by showing the images of destruction over and over and over again ! You will have plenty of time for this. So for now please , just shut up!

Not the time for criticizing :

There were some news articles in major news papers that said the international nuclear community had warned about the flaws in the nuclear reactors , primarily their inability to withstand the earthquakes greater than 7.9. The article conveniently ignored to say that the destruction caused is not encase of the earthquake but because of the Tsunami . Reports of this nature can only make the people turn against the government making matters even worse. Again you will have plenty of time to criticize , analyze , retrospect, introspect etc etc.  So why don’t you just shut up !

Suicide missions:

The people working at the nuclear reactors were deemed to be suicide missions by the media! They have no right to demean their efforts. Its just like saying the soldier who is defending the country against it’s enemies is going on a suicide mission. The soldier is doing this because he feels pride in what he is doing and he is doing because the rest of us can be safe! So its not a suicide mission and so please just shut up !

There is no such thing as journalism any more, at least it’s not evident. What is evident is sensationalism .



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