So what’s next India ?

  • The Young Guns Fire !
  • The Young Come of their Age to deliver @ the biggest stage and deliver when it mattered the most !
  • India’s reins are in the hands of the young !
  • The young grabbed the opportunity when it presented itself and did full justice to their potential !
  • It’s not just one mans responsibility to shoulder the hopes of a billion people, at least not any more, it’s the  entire teams !

No matter which title one gives to India’s world cup victory, what stands out is the performance of the next generation. Although this conclusion is drawn from the game of cricket, it’s relevance is not just limited to cricket. The timing of this couldn’t have been any better.

Safe guarding the legacy

While it’s true that today’s youth is more aware than before, more responsible than before, it’s also very true that the Legacy left by our forefathers is in jeopardy, and why, because we ignored it for too long. Way too long. Tendulkar, along with a few others , took the mantle of maintaining the Legacy of “Kapil’s Devils”. However, even the great Tendulkar had to wait 21 years and 6 world cups to repeat 1983. Why, because it needed the whole team to contribute. Likewise the freedom we inherited is not just the responsibility of a few people, but everybody’s.

Seize the opportunity

Tendulkar and Sehwag got out with just 30 odd runs on the board. The youngsters saw the opportunity and seized it and with sheer determination and self belief won the cup and paid the greatest tribute that anyone can pay to the legend.

Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagath Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Gokhale and various other freedom fighters fought hard with the British to give us the freedom. India, 60 years later, is in desperate need of a second freedom fight to save the country from the politicians, the bureaucrats, basically anyone who is misusing the entrusted power for personal gains. If we don’t wake up now, don’t step up now, then we might not get a second chance. This is our opportunity to pay tribute to our hero’es.

Take Pride

I am extremely proud of our cricket teams achievement and take extreme pride in being called as the world champions for the next 4 years. However, i don’t want to limit this sense of pride to just cricket alone. I don’t feel pride when i hear about our farmer suicides, don’t feel pride when our leaders are busy looting our country, don’t feel pride when there are communal riots. While cricket is a great way to remind how it feels to be proud of one’s country, i do want to have the same sense of pride when i talk about the farmers in India.


i feel like hoisting an Indian flag , or wearing the blue jersey to show my patriotism towards the country. But is that all i can do ? Can i not do anything to fight corruption in India, can i not do anything to help with malnutrition, can i not do anything to revive agriculture.May be I can, i need to believe that i can and I will. That’s what the Indian team did, they believed in themselves and wanted to win the world cup desperately for their hero and more importantly for their country. Patriotism doesn’t start and stop with cricket. If anything, it’s just a reminder that nothing comes close to being patriotic and there is no greater love than the love for the country.

Rekindle the spirit of being an Indian

  • Lets be aware of what’s going on in the country; let’s be aware of our farmers plight; let’s be aware of the problems our children our facing; let’s be aware as much as possible, not just cricket.
  • Let’s be supportive of the people who are fighting against corruption; be supportive who are helping the kids deal with malnutrition ; be supportive of the farmers; be supportive of the people who are fighting to bring the change that we all want to see and not just cricket.
  • Let’s walk the talk now; let’s fight against corruption; let’s cast our votes; let’s fight the elections; let’s pay the tribute to our hero’es and not just remember them on their birth day’s or death anniversaries; let’s fight for equal opportunities; let’s be the one’s to bring the change and not just do the talking.
  • Let’s seize the opportunity and show what we can and what we should do.


Support the following people who are contesting elections ( against DMK and AIADMK ) for the first time in Tamil Nadu Assembly elections:

Support Anna Hazare in his fight against corruption:




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