All good things come to an end

It happened in the past, it’s happening now and it will happen in the future. All good things come to end.

Dr. Yunus, father of micro finance, who was the man behind the “Grameen Bank” , a bank meant to lend to the poor , is now struggling to keep his position as the general manager of the very same bank he built. Why, because,in Article 152 of the Constitution Grameen Bank is an organ/instrument of the State So, law says that Dr Yunus is unable to hold the position of the chieftain of an NGO or a bank when he is above 60 while Dr Yunus is now at 70. He has been violating the law for a decade, no matter the bank was his own creation or not.

Greg Mortenson , the author of “Three Cups of Tea” and the man responsible for emphasizing the education of girl children in the war stricken countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan. He is now accused of falsifying certain key sections of the story in “Three Cups of Tea”. The so called critics are also questioning how money Greg Mortenson’s foundation raised to build schools for girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan is being spent. These at the moment are just accusations, allegations , not proved in the court of law, but the media has already passed a judgement that pretty much crucifies Greg and his work.

Anna Hazare took the country by storm when he , along with the thousands of supporters , forced a show down with the government on the Jan Lokpal Bill.  The so called critics are criticizing some of the aspects of the bill saying it’s too naive , too undemocratic , which may be true , but the same critics fail to acknowledge some of the more important aspects of the bill such as speedy trial, harsher punishment , whistle blower protection etc.

Binayak Sen needs no introduction. After working along side the tribals in the country’s most remote villages for almost 25 years , he gets arrested under the sedition act ( an outdated act ) for life. It was only after supreme court’s intervention that he gets a bail and a chance to contest his charges.

The list goes on …..

Dr Yunus, from Bangladesh, Greg from US, Annaji and Binayak Sen from India , no matter which country they belong to , no matter how critical their work has been, have to face the wrath of the powerful and the influential. Just like all good things come to an end, their work has been cut short or forced to cut shot. I’m not saying these three people will stop by any means and continue doing what they are doing, but their work has been an inspiration to thousands of people if not hundreds of thousands.

It’s the collateral damage that worries me a lot. I’m not saying criticism is not good, but it needs to be justified and needs to be reasonable, but in no way should undermine the efforts of such individuals. Having said that, the decision to believe or not to believe is an individuals choice and I only hope , the quote , “All good things come to and” doesn’t necessarily has to be true. Each individual must use his or her own discretion before jumping to conclusions. It’s easy to get swayed by the media and that’s where we need to be strong. Getting inspired by someone is one thing but to actually turn that inspiration into action is completely different.

If personalities such as the above are treated like this, then people like us have no where to go. On the flip side, such personalities are given that treatment because they are only a handful of such people. So by confining them the government ensures the others don’t take their path. But how many Binayak Sen’s can they stop , how many Annaji’s can they stop. So the onus is on us to continue to convert the inspiration into action and keep going at it.

  • let’s keep filing those RTI’s to keep the government in check
  • let’s take more active participation in the issues that the civil society is facing
  • let’s be more responsible towards our society
  • let not the good things come to an end , but let it spread it like wild fire

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