The day Bipasha got detained !

So one afternoon while I was waiting on my friend to call me, i was casually flipping the channels, when i stumbled upon NDTV 24×7 lunch time news. Curious to find out what the news was at that hour, mind you i had been away from India for quite some time , so I was all the more interested in the news. So I stopped surfing . It was 1:00 pm. With in a few seconds, the headlines were on and @ the bottom of the screen was a breaking news which said “Bipasha Basu detained at the Mumbai Airport”.

The news reader very quickly got in touch with their correspondent in Mumbai and even though they didn’t have any real update, they were going on speculating. After about 11 minutes or so, they moved on to the next big story. That was Guatam Gambhir’s IPL injury in his last game. They continued to talk about all non trivial issues for the next 30 minutes or so ( which by the way also included commercials ). It was finally Medha Patkar’s Day 6 of her hunger strike. I was not following this news so was very keen on finding out the latest update on this , but they only had 2 minutes for this , in fact it was less than 2 minutes. And then it was entertainment followed by the weather news.

In the one hour of news, the news that deserved the most amount of time was the slum issue @ golibar in Mumbai. But “Waqt ne kiya , kya hasi sitam” , what was important was trivialized and what was trivial made it to the breaking news. Not entirely sure if it’s globalization or westernization or something else, but the MEDIA has completely lost it or may be it’s just the mad race to be the best in the business. Whatever may be the case, India as a nation is suffering a great deal because of this beast.

I wish Bipasha got stranded at golibar where Medhaji was fasting , the issue would have gotten an unprecedented media coverage and may have forced A faster reaction from the government. No I don’t mean any disrespect to Medhaji or the whole campaign it’s the sheer lack of moral responsibility that makes me say this.

Like I said earlier I miss those days when news was just reported as it happened and there was a clear distinction of what was the main news, what was sports, what was entertainment and more importantly there was no such thing as BREAKING NEWS ! Media was supposed to be the 4th pillar of the democracy , but it looks like it’s become so unstable, it’s causing the whole democracy to collapse. Anyways, no matter how much I mull over it, it’s not going to change.

Read the below , you will know why I’m blogging about this. Below is the exact sequence of the news that was Ndtv 24×7 lunch time news

  1. Basu detained in the airport: 10 mins
  2. Gautam gambhir injured : 4.5 mins
  3. Small plane crash in faridabad: 4 mins
  4. Saurav gangly ordered to return the land the west bengal govt had given him in 2002 : 3 mins
  5. David headleys interrogation in Chicago : 1 min
  6. Food inflation :
  7. Subsidied food for mp’s
  8. Medha patkar’s fasting : golibar slum less than 2 minutes
  9. West is west
  10. Weather
  11. About 6 Ad breaks each 3 minutes
The day when Bipasha got detained, may be Bipasha also didn’t panic that much as did her Media friends.

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  1. Bitter fact!! Introspection is required from Media front and we also should be sensible enough not to get influenced by such breaking news and the opinions that they try to create and propogate!!

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