I’ve got company !

My wife and kid are going to join me in a couple of days after a long vacation to India. I wish I was a novelist or a prolific writer, I could have expressed how long it felt since they were gone. But anyways, now that it’s just a matter of days, I’ve been thinking about what could i do to make their home  ( or home away from home )  coming more welcoming. Not that i started thinking about this only now, it was on my mind for almost a month. Obviously I haven’t made much progress.

This weekend, there was an “AID” meeting at my friends place in Princeton, NJ. As soon as I stepped inside the house, I got captivated by the living room, especially the way the plants were arranged. There were plants of all sizes and shapes, but were arranged in a manner as to not infringe on the living room space and yet make their presence felt. The plants gave a new definition to the living room. Simply put, they made the living room serene, peaceful and very soothing. I was no longer interested in the “AID” meeting.

I was talking to Kavitha, my friends wife to know more about these plants, how they are nurtured, what room temperatures, how often they need to be curated etc etc. She was patient enough to answer all my questions. Thanks to my the modern day technology, the all in phone, the “Iphone”, I took pictures of all  the plants. I made up my mind, I would go buy these plants, the first thing in the morning. Mind you, i had pulled off a night out the previous day, working on the “Weavers Project” and didn’t sleep for 36 hours straight. But the images of the living room, kept me occupied the whole night. I had to buy them the next day morning.

And I did. I went to Home Depot, early in the morning @ 8:10am and went straight to the customer service, showed them the pictures and asked if they had it. Within 15 minutes, I was loading 5 small plants in the trunk of my car, along with the pots to hold them. I made sure they are held intact so they don’t feel the bumps in the ride and hurt themselves. Yes, hurt themselves. Once i held the plants in my hands, i felt so close to them, I just couldn’t let them get hurt. Later on in the day, I went to Ikea and bought a slightly bigger plant. Carrying it was a challenge, but I managed. But this time the ride was almost 30 minutes, so couldn’t watch the plant all the time and obviously when i hit a sudden break, the plant fell down. The soil looked like it gave in just a little bit. As soon as I reached the red light at the traffic signal, I put the plant back in the pot and held it with my right hand,  until i reached home.

When I arranged all my plants in the living room, arranged carefully so they get the right amount of sunlight and watered them just enough. I took about 10 steps back and looked at the living room, boy was it changed. The plants brought back life into the living room. I look at the plants and think they are actually looking back at me. No i’m not going insane :-), IT is a living being full of life, standing right in front of me. Welcome home my friends, and thanks for your company. I know now what i was missing all these years.

I always knew the imperils of deforestation, knew why cutting down trees was bad, knew why the trees were important for the environment, the human beings etc etc. But the plants are living beings, they have a life, they breathe just like us. The only difference is the plants just give, all their life, even after their death and we humans all we do is take and take and take more. The least we could do is let the plants live their life. If possible, let’s water them, protect them, not for any greater good, but just as a fellow living being.  And we can’t water them, protect them, at least let’s not cut them.

Thanks for keeping company my friends. Now i can’t wait for my wife and kid to meet our new friends.


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