Do people care ?

There is a small kid on the street begging for food, do people care ? There are farmers committing suicides, do people care ? There are scams worth billions of dollars, do people care ? There are corrupt politicians robbing the country of everything, do people care ? I can’t answer to all the above, but i can tell you this from the recent experience I had in raising funds for some weavers families in Andhra Pradesh, that YES, PEOPLE DO CARE ! And they care not just by talking, but also by walking the talk.

The fact that, we all together raised closed to $9000 in one month, talks a lot about how much the people care. It’s incredible that almost all of the donors, never met them in their life and stay miles away from them, in fact in  separate continents all together. Nothing mattered. Each one of them believed that their contribution (big or small) can help make a difference to the weaver families, who are living on a paltry Rs3500 per month. Not only did they believe in themselves, they convinced their friends and family to think about the potential of an individual making a difference. Their trust, their belief, their caring nature, everything added up resulting in an incredible $9000 in just one month. So, what do you think, Do People Care, I think, they do ! They certainly do !

Although this money doesn’t guarantee that all the weavers problems will go away, but it will help them move in that direction, where if things go according to the plan will change their lives for good. Make them sustainable.

Now let’s go back to the questions posed earlier. I’ve personally interacted with people of all ages: kids; men; women; young; old who

  • took part in protests when Binayak Sen got arrested
  • took part in campaigns for Bhopal Gas Victims
  • went to remote villages and helped renovate the schools
  • went around urban colonies and took part in plantation
  • went around surveying remote villages for problems like AID, Sexual harassment and bring their stories to the general public.
  • setup orphanages to help take care of the homeless kids
  • take care of the sexually harassed girls and women
  • sponsor kids for primary and higher education
  • and so on so forth
There is enough good will around us, which keeps the world around us moving and bring back some sanity to the people in that world.
It’s a different story that no matter how much we as individuals, groups, organizations do, it’s not enough, as the gap between Have’s and Have Not’s keeps increasing and sometimes it just becomes overwhelming. But if we don’t do our bit, thinking it’s not our job, and if the people responsible for this don’t do their job, believe me, you and I will be living in a world which we won’t recognize any more. So let’s not stop caring. Bit by bit, step by step, one by one, we’ll make a difference.
Any case, let’s hope all the money raised to help the weavers families,will change the lives of the 50 families for ever. So thank you to all the sponsors .

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  1. Well said, Suresh. There is no lack of money or donations if people trust the person who requests for help and also the cause for which the money is being raised.

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