Mumbai And Worry , Kabhi Nahin !

Worry about the Mumbai cricket association, Vilas Rao, Mumbai is resilient

Worry about BCCI, Pawar Saab, Mumbai has been there, so it will take care of itself

Worry about your ratings, Mr & Mrs MEDIA, make sure you show the images of dead and the injured, don’t do any follow ups after this, Mumbai knows how to follow up. Oh and make sure you interview the families of the victims and ask how they feel !

Worry about your white dhothi and kurtha, Mr Home Minister, Mumbai doesn’t wash it’s dirty clothes on the street

Worry about Madamji, Manmohanji, Mumbai is out of scope for you

Worry about Rahul and UP, Sonia madam, Rahul baba can do another yaatra in Mumbai to make it up later

Worry about cleaning the old rifles police chacha, without a bullet proof vest, Mumbai can bounce back in plain clothes completely unprotected

Worry about how you can use this to topple the government, Mr Opposition, Mumbai can wait for your government

Worry about the tennis match, Mr Krishna, in the meanwhile foreign affairs can pray to Lord Krishna and btw thanks for paying for the tennis match

Worry about how to defend the government, Mr spokesman, Mumbai will worry about defending itself

Worry about the blame game Mr Chauhan, Mumbai will worry about the terrorist game

Rest of India let’s not worry about Mumbai, don’t you know about the “Spirit of Mumbai”

As per me, I am just like you, helpless, frustrated, heart broken, angry, sick, tired, hopeless, clueless, miserable. In the meanwhile life will move on and so will I


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