Katari, an ordinary middle class man !

Katari’s Inspiration

With licensed liquor shops everywhere, it was becoming extremely difficult for families to walk on the roads especially during the night times. With drinking prevalent everywhere, gambling was soon catching up ! It’s not as if the local policemen were not doing anything, they were arresting people but only those who gambled outside the bars.

Katari Srinivas whow grew up in prakasham district was in for a pleasant surprise when he saw that one fine day all the bars were closed. He later learnt that it was because of a new collector who took charge of the situation in prakasham district whose first step was to crack down upon the bars. Ever since Katari became a staunch follower of the collector and his activities.

Years later there was an editorial in one of the leading news papers by the collector about the humiliation a newly married bride was put through because of lack of toilets. Katari was moved by the sensitivity and the honesty with which the collector had brought out the issues.

Walk the Walk & Talk the Talk !

It was quite obvious that Katari join the NGO started by the now ex-collector. As part of the NGO, katari lead lot of initiatives ranging from

  • reforms in the public offices
  • traffic regulations
  • transportation reforms
  • HUDA regulations

katari was one of the leading members of the NGO. However nearly 10 years or more after when no matter how hard the NGO was working, the impact those actions were making were not significant. It was then that the political party was formed to bring about these changes in the system and then enforce it.

Katari, didn’t think twice. He was the next best in the party and gave the other so called “strong contenders” a serious run for the money. Yeah I’m talking about running for elections, katari contested the assembly elections. He took the plunge into politics, the dirty politics, the word everyone hates from distance, but no one would go near it. Coming from a very humble background with no affiliation to politics whatsoever, with no financial backup, and more importantly with no fear, katari jumped right in and took the bull by the horns. In the brief history of his political career, that’s how we want to call it,a  CAREER, he contested from

  • Khairatabad Assembly Constituency in the by-elections in 2008 and secured second place.
  • Serilingampally Assembly Constituency in the 2009 general elections.
  • Chandanagar Division in the 2009 GHMC elections.
He never won the elections, but he takes great pride in the fact that he got a significant number of people to vote for him, without having to pay any money nor liquor nor any of the usual political gifts. He along with this team is working hard to identify grass root level leaders and engage them in dealing with the people and the community. His belief that the leaders elected by the people are only there because of them and hence have to serve them because that’s their job.

The Ordinary Man, Who went the extra mile !

Katari and people like him are the need of the hour. Katari is you, katari is me. To me he represents the hope of an ordinary middle man to change things , to fight the corrupt politicians, to bring reforms centered around the common man, he reinforces the belief that politics is not just for the politicians and their families, not just for the powerful and the rich, not just for the sophisticated and the intellectuals, anyone with a heart to fight and stand up to make politics a profession and not a curse.

Oh I almost forgot he is also a father of two kids and he never forgets to tell them goodnight stories after all the hustle and bustle of the day. Told you he is just like you and me but with a heart to fight and make things better for us. In his own words, “Politics is not dirty, few politicians are and we together can make it better “. So No, he is not just not any “ordinary” middle class man but the man who went the extra mile and became extraordinary.

So, Thank you Katari !


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  1. Nice post Suresh and hats off to Mr. Katari. Very well done! In fact in back 2004-05 in my university (Hyderbad Central University) Students’ Union election I stood for the Vice- President and won the election by approx 500 margin vote. I was in one of the first student who has good academic track record, good impression among the faculty and hostel mates stood for the election. I am native of Bihar and the most of the students in HCU were from Andhra Pradesh but they voted for me. I didn’t know Telugu. You can see in the Times of India news (http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Repository/ml.asp?Ref=VE9JSC8yMDA0LzA5LzEwI0FyMDAzMDE=&Mode=HTML&Locale=english-skin-custom) how openly they said that they will vote for me. I had one year clean term with zero allegation and got lots of praise. In fact in different meeting where I represented students I always got respect for my track record (By that time I already got campus placement), that changed the perspective of university administration about Student ‘ Union. I was able to make a difference in decision in most of the meetings. I see a long lasting impact. After that continuously at least for 3-4 years good student with good academic track record started participating in the Union election and many of them won too.I wish I can repeat the same some time in the general election.

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