No Liquor, No Money, No Gifts and Yet Won the Elections !

Yes, this happened, not in the “REEL” life but in the “REAL” life 🙂 and for real. The victory may be small, but it’s impact and especially the message it brought out is very SIGNIFICANT !. It reinforces the belief that Politics is not dirty, some politicians are and it will only get better with people like Seshamma and Yedukondalu. So salute you both.

  • Occassion: Ward Elections
  • Where: MATALAM panchyat
  • Ward: 5th Ward
  • Winning Contestant: Seshamma for Lok Satta
  • Total Number of votes: 208 Votes
  • TDP & Congress contested together : 82 votes
  • LokSatta: 92 Votes
  • Remaining Votes: Were deemed invalid

I happened to speak to Yedukondalu about an hour ago, who contested the gram panchayat elections in 2006 and Seshamma at the time was the candidate for the 5th Ward. When asked about why Seshamma won the elections, even when the other parties spent about 50 – 60 thousand, in an effort to influence voters, these are some of the reasons.

  • Yedukondalu, as incharge of the “Ration Shop”, ensured a smooth delivery of the ration supplies without any corruption and with complete transparency. Government money is meant for the public and should be spent for the public, the office bearer is soley responsible to execute this to the best of his ability. This act of Yedukondalu had won him lot of appreciation and trust from the local people.
  • Took this agenda forward and reached out to each individual in the ward and explained Lok Satta’s ideology and philosophy and since this was backed up concrete action, the people gave LokSatta a chance by electing them in the 5th Ward.
  • Currently working on solving the water problem for the 5th Ward: There is a small pond which serves as a source of water, but this is also polluted by the animals. The team built a fence to first keep the animals away from the pond and now involving the villagers to build steps into the pond to access the water.

Way Forward:

There are 11 more wards and 5 – 6 months for the next elections, hopefully Yedukondalu and his team of volunteers can win the trust of the people by some strong actions to back up their promises and walk the talk !

Stay Tuned For More !!!

P.S: This is purely my narration of the conversation I had with Yedukondalu.


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