Call your MP and Ask – II

Got many interesting reactions in today’s “Call Your MP” Day 2 campaign. Called almost 20 MP’s today, slowly increasing the number 🙂

  • Chidambaram’s secretary ( I think ) was very angry when i said, i want to talk to Chidambaram with regards to the lokpal bill. He further said, that i can’t talk to him over phone and that i have to write to him. Before i could explain, he hung up on me.
  • Both Azharuddin and Kirti Azaad were unavailable. I wanted to ask them if they supported the Jan Lokpal bill, then why can’t they rope in other cricketers to show support as well, but i guess, they had other ideas. Will try again tomorrow
  • Veerappa Moily, A.K Anthony were unavailable at the numbers
  • Pranab Mukherjee went for a walk, but when called back after 30 mins ( as i was told to do so), he already left for the parliament.
  • Farooq Abdullah’s numbers is still no answer
  • A Congress MP said, while he has no problems with MP’s to be brought under the lokpall bill, he insisted NGO’s also need to be included.
  • Another Congress MP said, that there is definitely a foreign hand in Anna’s movement whose sole purpose is to destabilize the country.
  • A BJP MP said he has no personal opinion and will go by the party’s decision.
  • Another BJP MP said while he believes MP’s should be brought under the purview of lokpall bill, he did say, how this can also be used to simply malign the MP. He also went on to say that MP’s are people’s representatives, and how their image should not be allowed to taint as the people’s trust is at stake. While he didn’t have any alternative, he did express some concerns.
  • One MP was still sleeping and the person who answered said, he wakes up 10:00am.
  • 2 MP’s were asleep around 8:00am
  • 2 or 3 MP’s were out on a walk

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