Call your MP’s , Day 3,4 and 5

Day 5 was very eventful, had two long calls lasting almost 25 minutes, unlike Day 3 and Day 4 which was quite a dull affair with none of the MP’s available. Here is a summary of the conversations

  • One Samajwadi MP did support the MP’s to be included under the purview of the lokpal bill. However, he had
    • very serious concerns of including the judiciary under the lokpal, the reason according to him was that, there should be someone the lokpal should be answerable to and judiciary can help put checks in place, otherwise lokpal will become way too powerful.
    • He also had strong comments about the whole  “Anna” movement and especially the deadlines and unequivocal demands.
    •  He said, that’s not how the parliament functions and the bills at the end of the day become laws only in the parliament.
    •  He also confirmed his party’s stance that if the PM and JUDICIARY are removed from the bill, then might support it in the parliament.
  • One Congress MP confirmed the MP’s can be brought under the purview of the anti corruption bill, he was
    • apprehensive about some of the provisions in jan lokpal bill as in speedy trials, speedy judgements. He felt the bill is trying to solve  the immediate corruption problems, but not necessarily thinking about the long term effects of these provisions. The bill he said should take the future of the country 100 years from now, and that the laws should be still applicable
    • standing committee had been given 3 months of time and since the standing committee report seeks the views from the people, the opposition, the NGO’s and everybody else, we need to wait for the report to be ready. This will be in October
    • The standing committee report will be up for discussion in November during the winter session
  • Another Congress MP just said, he has no issues with any provisions of the Jan Lokpal bill and hung up the phone.
Summary of the 5 day calling experience
  • Almost all the secretaries and the MP’s were very polite and patient in answering the questions. Some of the MP’s were engaged in a really long conversation almost lasting 23 minutes.
  • Azharuddin’s  was the only number that was switched off on all the 5 days
  • A few MP’s were not available at their Delhi numbers and were in their home town’s and were unavailable
  • A few MP’s were on the field, but only a handful and were unavailable
  • I haven’t found a single MP’s number that was wrong thus far

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