Calling Standing Committee Members – Day 8

I first congratulated the “Standing Committee” for making good progress on the current stalemate like situation. Almost all of them whom i spoke to were pleasantly surprised when i congratulated. Looks like judiciary is going to be set for an overhaul and most likely the revised bill will be tabled this parliament session. Also a few of them spoke about meetings with the Anna team and how productive they were. So thank you everyone on the Committee again. It’s difficult to operate in such a high octane atmosphere.

Below is a quick summary of the calls

1. Katoch,Smt. Chandresh Kumari:

  • Supports LokAyukta at the Center and State level, otherwise it’s of no use.
  • Whistle blower protection act must be enforced strictly one way or the other. Tomorrow is the meeting

2. Lalu Prasad: No answer

3. Gowda,Shri Chandre D.B: Very confidential information and need to wait for the report to submitted later  at the “All Party Meeting”

4. Kumar,Shri Shailendra: Tomorrow is the meeting where the report will be submitted. The “Judiciary Accountability bill” will also be discussed but it did feature in the Standing Committee discussions.

5. Meena,Dr. Kirodilal : Number was busy constantly

6. Pathak,Shri Harin: Not Available to talk

7. Chitthan,Shri N.S.V: Report will be discussed tomorrow and is fairly confident that the judiciary will be come under the lokpal bill or at least will actively be pursued in one form or the other

8.Dasmunsi,Smt. Deepa  : Unavailable

9. Dhurve,Smt. Jyoti : Unavailable

10. Hassan,Dr. Monazir : Unavailable

11. Devji M. Patel : When asked about standing committe’s stance on the judiciary, he said it’s confidential. It will be discussed in the standing committe and depending on what the chair person says, the next course of action will be decided

12. Semmalai : Unavaliable

13. Singh,Shri Vijay Bahadur: Was in a meeting and after that headed to the parliament

14. Taviad,Dr. (Smt.) Prabha Kishor: Was fairly confident of the Judiciary accontability bill to be passed in the parliament. Will have a meeting tomorrow. Also spoke about the meeting with Anna’s team and was a very fruitful discussion. Can’t really say about the time frame.

15. Tewari,Shri Manish: Unavailable

16. Thamaraiselvan,Shri R. : Fairly confident of introducing the bill in the parliament before September 8th. Govt is taking all the measures to table the bill in this session

17.  Thomas,Prof. Kuruppassery Varkey: Unavailable right now, call after 30 minutes

18. Natrajan,Km. Meenakshi: Unavailable

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Member Name





1 Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi Chairman Rajya Sabha Congress Rajasthan
2 Shri Parimal Nathwani Member Rajya Sabha Independent Jharkhand
3 Shri Ram Vilas Paswan Member Rajya Sabha L.J.P Bihar
4 Shri Amar Singh Member Rajya Sabha Independent Uttar Pradesh
5 Shri Ram Jethmalani Member Rajya Sabha Nominated  
6 Shri Balavant alias Bal Apte Member Rajya Sabha B.J.P. Maharashtra
7 Shri O.T. Lepcha Member Rajya Sabha S.D.F. Sikkim
8 Smt. Chandresh Kumari Member Lok Sabha Congress  
9 Shri Lalu Prasad Member Lok Sabha R.J.D.  
10 Shri D.B. Chandre Gowda Member Lok Sabha B.J.P.  
11 Shri Shailendra Kumar Member Lok Sabha S.P. Uttar Pradesh
12 Dr. Kirodi Lal Meena Member Lok Sabha Independent  
13 Shri Harin Pathak Member Lok Sabha B.J.P. Gujarat
14 Shri N.S.V. Chitthan Member Lok Sabha Congress Tamil Nadu
15 Smt. Deepa Dashmunsi Member Lok Sabha Congress  
16 Jyoti Dhurve Member Lok Sabha B.J.P.  
17 Dr. Monazir Hassan Member Lok Sabha J.D.(U)  
18 Shri Devji M. Patel Member Lok Sabha B.J.P.  
19 Shri S. Semmalai Member Lok Sabha A.I.A.D.M.K.  
20 Shri Vijay Bahadur Singh Member Lok Sabha B.S.P.  
21 Dr. Prabha Kishore Taviad Member Lok Sabha Congress  
22 Shri Manish Tewari Member Lok Sabha Congress  
23 Shri R. Thamaraiselvan Member Lok Sabha D.M.K.  
24 Shri P. T. Thomas (Idukki) Member Lok Sabha Congress  
25 Kumari Meenakshi Natrajan Member Lok Sabha Congress  
26 Vacant   Rajya Sabha  
27 Vacant   Rajya Sabha  
28 Vacant   Rajya Sabha  
29 Vacant   Lok Sabha  
30 Vacant   Lok Sabha  
31 Vacant   Lok Sabha  

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