Am I Ready for the Lokpal ?

The JanLok Pal bill made it’s way into the parliament after many protests, campaigns, hunger strikes, candle light’s and the TEAM ANNA’s relentless efforts. While that may not be the actual bill that will eventually become the law, the whole campaign of the Jan Lokpal did bring the much needed focus on the problem of corruption despite the criticism. While the government is getting ready for the Lokpal, i’m wondering if I’m ready for the Lokpal.

The Lokpal is not just for the MP’s, the PM, the bureaucrats, the babu’s in the government office, it’s for me too. Am i ready to

  • Say no to the culture of bribes
  • Raise my voice when i see corruption
  • Fight corruption (with the tools I’ve i.e. RTI, the LokAyukta)
  • Stand on the huge lines in the government offices to get my work done and not look for any shortcuts
  • Let go when my kid is denied admission in a very popular school and not bribe the school authorities to change their decision
  • Pay customs @ airport for gifts purchased overseas
  • To not bribe for an engineering seat in a reputed college
  • To not indulge in bribing the loan officials in a bank for any loans
  • Most importantly to not use influence in the public office to get our work done faster
  • pay taxes and not try to evade them

and the list goes on. It’s a long list. What Lokpal is demanding is not just corrupt officials, it’s also the common man who needs to take responsibility and follow the rules. So Am I ready ? I’m not sure yet, but now that I’ve participated in the campaign either by shouting slogans, by calling MP’s, by staging protests, by doing hunger strikes and even a dandi march, i better get ready.

If we don’t then we automatically loose the right to question our leaders, the elected officials, the lower bureaucrats on why they didn’t follow the rules. Let’s not forget the biggest reason why Anna was able to wage this fight with the mighty and unyielding government was because he was non corrupt.

I think even you participated in these campaigns, so are you going to be ready ? I wish Anna’s team asked all the people in the campaign to be ready for the Lokpal.



2 thoughts on “Am I Ready for the Lokpal ?

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  1. Nice one. Should be sent to Team Anna to send this message to the nation. Stuff like this shud be propogated to email lists, rather than silly jokes or superstitions. I will start an email chain. As for me, I will make a sincere effort to be ready for the Lokpal era.

  2. Yes. This is what i was thinking. Before we put a tag “I am ANNA” (or) “I support JanLok Pal bill” on any social networking sites we need to ask this question ourselves. Am i really ready for this? If NOT think twice before you point out any corrupted babus \ netas. I am still asking myself if i am ready for this???

    Thanks for putting it in here Suresh.

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