Sala too much cinema !

Amar Singh amar rahe: you know exactly when to press the panic button, when to press the dosti button and when to press the ministry button. Your latest reaction to the cash for vote is no less dramatic than amitabh’s mandir ka scene in deewar, only amitabh made it look real and yours is all reel.

Chattisgarh ka king kaun: a tribal learns to report the real stories of the people in those regions. Afraid of being exposed or even being caught the chattisgarh government arrests him under the sedition act of the British empire. It’s a non bailable arrest. It’s like those movies where Danny denzonpa or the late amresh puri where there is no law and order other than the villains rule of law. One good thing about the villains in the movie is that in the end they all die, in the real life the villains only mutate and multiply.

Fasting is fashionable: Although Irom sharmila had been fasting for the last 10 years without any let up whatsoever, it was Anna’s fast that shook the political cobwebs and established it as a new weapon in the fight against corruption. Now the political parties are using this to gain mileage against each other. They seem to have forgotten that Anna did the fast to take the fight to the door steps of the government and now the leaders in the government are fasting to do ….. What sorry ? If you are in the government you have the power do the right things. Its like the six pack in the movies, one actor did that and everybody felt it’s fashionable and cool to have the six pack. Alright, may not be the right analogy here but you get the idea

CBI arrests: It’s a good thing jagan split with congress, at least now he is being investigated for all the illegal wealth he amassed in past few years. This is a script straight out of the 70’s revenge movies, the ones scripted by the famous duo of Salim Javed.

The rath yatra: Advani Saab is contemplating on yet another rath yatra. We all know what happened the last time he went on a rath yatra and despite that BJP is having an internal debate on this. Seriously, for what ? Advani saab, if not for anything else, you should consider your age. You are better of just remaining in the parliament and do your duty of the opposition leader sincerely, that will be the biggest contribution to the country. Please don’t do this reel life drama in the real world.

I don’t want to go any further than this  thin line between real and reel life is becoming thinner and thinner day by day.

Anyways I’m going to call Mr. Advani and ask him the reasoning behind this rath yatra and will also call a few friendly MP’s in the standing committee to enquire about lokpal updates. Oh almost forgot I’ve to also call the DGP of Andhra pradesh and ask him about police reforms and how serious is he about introducing this during his tenure. Will blog about this Indian police act sometime later but this should not be left alone, we need some strong action to change the way the Indian police is treated and they way they treat the common man.

Not I’m not talking of any movies here but this needs to be done in real life.


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  1. Reel good stuff Suresh – great piece of writing. Yes, it is shocking and in analog form – continuous – because corruption is the manifestation of the underlying and pervasive pursuit of greed – greed for power which today comes with money in India (in mexico just money is not enough, you need the automatic guns too) and glad India did not YET reach those pits on moral degradation but well on its way. The middle class and the educated are drawn into it because they have to cough up the proverbial “lakhs” of rupees for education, medical care, for housing and just to wake up in the morning. The root cause starts with the politicians and you are absolutely right in the area of your focused activism. I hope for all our sakes, India will revert to its original moral standing of bygone days. I get disgusted when “smart business” types extol the virtues of economic liberalization started in 1992 and they are dumb enough not to put two and two together and understand that India is extremely competent today because we “blocked” liberalization from 1947 to 1992 and helped us focus on getting our act together – otherwise we would another Mexico by now. May be we are just a few decades behind Mexico but catching up fast.

    Cheers and keep up your writing

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