7pm on a Sunday Night

7:00pm on a sunday evening. Sounds like an innocuous time when one is typically preparing for the next weeks onslaught and trying to wrap up the weekend. Be a student,be a mother, be a father, be grand parents, be it in rural or urban, no matter who you are and where you are, each one of them is awaiting the beginning of the next week, sometimes not so willingly.

One such individual walked out at 7:00pm Sunday to run a few errands. It should have taken may be half an hour, but she didn’t return home even after one and a half hours.  Where did she go ? What happened to her ? Her family would have been worried a little bit at the beginning. But as time would go by, they would have started to worry.

Their mind would have been wandering with all sorts of theories.  What happened to her ? Why hasn’t she called them ? Did she get lost ? Did she loose her cellphone ? Did something happen to her ? Did she meet with an accident ? Did she get kidnapped ?

But at the same time, they would have comforted themselves with some genuine reasons why she might have not come back home or not called them. But after a while they would have started calling her friends, her acquaintances, her near and dear ones. But they wouldn’t have called the police. In general our police are not sensitive in handling such matters and neither are they professional.  As a matter of fact, they would have added more grief and pain to the family.

While their minds were wandering with all these fears, one of those fears unfortunately became true. She was raped and was left alone somewhere along the roadside. In fact the news article said she was dumped, as if she was not a living being. I don’t have any hope for Media anyways, they have proven that they are insensitive at best and only are worried about the ugly rat race.

Her family would have been shattered. I’m not sure how they would console themselves but they wouldn’t have any option but to pull themselves together and go visit her in the hospital. On their way they would be asking themselves,

  • How should the family react to this situation ?
  • How could they console her ?
  • What could they say to her, that justice will be done and the guilty will be punished, well we all know it’s close to impossible  ?
  • How could they comfort her ?

Its not just the physical abuse it’s the mental trauma she might have gone through, how could they ever wipe out this from her memory or should they put up a brave front and make her strong and tough and ask her to fight for her rights . To add to this there is our dear society our, dear community which doesn’t react when needed but will certainly react probably in a negative way making things far more difficult to the family and so does our dear media.

Life is hard enough, incidents like this can destroy ones life or make them even worse. They can only recover or attempt to do so, when the society as a whole including the law and order react in a positive way and help the family fight through this all the way. They don’t need sympathy, they need the support to fight the fight. Is the society ready for that. Am I ready for that fight ? Are you ready for that fight ?

What happened on this Sunday night has happened on a Monday morning, on a Tuesday afternoon, essentially these incidents happen as and when these people want to.

There is no guilt of wrong doing, there is no fear of punishment, there is no moral obligation whatsoever, there is no sense of veneration.

This is a serious problem, a very very serious problem. The society and the government have a big role to play in getting rid of this malaise from the society. And so do the individuals like me and you. Just thinking out loud i could think of many ways by which we can help deal with this, if the government wants to do, these inhuman acts can certainly be stopped once and for all.
Create Awareness:

  • put up hoardings, ramp up public awareness messages through different forms of media how bad a crime is this.
  • create helplines and have the law and order put some effort in creating awareness.
  • reach out to villages, cities, today we have phone booths and cell phones in almost every corner. If the society pressures the local district authorities or municipalities then nothing is impossible.
  • educational institutions need to educate the students and remind them constantly about this complete lack of morality and the trauma one goes through
  • same goes to the parents

I could go on and on. But i need to start thinking on converting this to action. Just reading the headline news makes me feel ashamed of being a man and even more guilty that I’m just blogging away and do nothing. Don’t know where to start but I guess the first step is to acknowledge that this is heinous crime and should be dealt the same way.

It’s very hard to imagine what the family is going and what the individual is going through. I just hope they gather the courage to stand up to this  injustice and for once the society treats this as their fight and not just the individuals. What happened on a Sunday night should never ever happen to anyone on any day or night of the week.


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  1. Hmm. Incidentally yesterday I read an article by VaraVara Rao garu about a recent incident that happened in an Adivasi village of Chattisgarh. A 16 yr old girl was encountered in the name of a Naxalite. Later the postmortem report revealed that she was raped and killed. Again a recent and repititive news that Delhi is not safe for Women and statistics are getting worsened day by day.

    May be the “Jhoota Marungi” campaign is the first of this kind of awareness creation among women to fight back. Men also should be sensitized and trained to look at women as a respectable being rather than being a sex symbol.

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