I only live once

You only live twice ! Sorry, scratch that, that was Sean Connery’ 5th James Bond Movie. Only a James Bond could afford to do that. For me, I’m not a James Bond, I will only live once.

Come to think of it, our life is mostly around me, myself and my family. An entire life time is spent on me, myself and my family. Sometimes, that’s very true. One does sacrifice ones entire life in making sure the immediate family necessities are met with. Mind you it’s only necessities that is 2 meals a day, a house and clothes, the in famous roti, kapda aur makaan.

But there are some, especially like me, who got the opportunities in life, because of which I’m where I’m today. Now if i were to ask myself, Should I really spend my life on just me, myself and my family ? Why not ? There is nothing wrong that. I want to ensure my family has a good life, my daughter has a good future an so on so forth. But should I stop at that. With all the education, all the opportunities that I got, some I deserve, some I may not, but is my capability just limited to my immediate family.
I think I’m better than that, I truly believe I’m more than capable of helping at least one other person get the opportunities that I got. I don’t have to sacrifice my life for others ( outside of my family ), i’m saying within the purview of a 9-5 job, with a family and a decent livelihood, I could do more.

I only live once, so let me make the most of it. One day, my 4 year old told me how she wanted to wash all her friends bicycles and charge everybody hundreds of dollars so she could give that money to those who don’t have any food to eat. I felt really proud as a father. If a 4 year old can think on those line, then there is no limit to what I can think and I can do. There were times when I used to feel that the problems around us are so big and so complex, what can I as an individual do. There are umpteen examples in history and in modern day society, where one individual was responsible in transforming the lives of millions. I’m only saying I will try to just help one other person. The “I” is what makes the “WE” powerful.

So, I for one, will not stop at me, myself or my family. As long as I can, I shall try and strive to provide opportunities to at least one other person, if not more, who was denied those opportunities. After all, I’m only going to live once, after all I’m no James bond !

Are you a James bond ?


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  1. You are right! Things worked for as mostly as we wanted and most of us are having a good life. Any little we can do make life of others who were not as privileged as us would go a long way. Compassion for others, is a virtue that makes us different from other beings on earth.

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