Am I missing something

Once there were leaders who stood first in line to take the bullet
Now there are leaders who don’t hesitate to pull the trigger

Once there was a Nehru who declared India’s independence for the first time
And once there was a shastri who Led the first war to protect the free India

Once there was an Indira who declared emergency to protect her kursi
And once there was a Jai Prakash who fought the emergency to protect the free India

Once there was a soldier who guarded our borders, now there is a soldier guarding just about every street

Once there was a farmer who was regarded as god – Anna daata
Now there is a farmer who cannot be saved by even the god

Once there was a girl child who was not wanted by her family
Now there is a girl child who is still not wanted by her family

Once there was the news that had more news and no breaking news
Now there is the news were it’s breaking all the time

Once there was panchayat system that gave power to the villages
Now there is no panchayat and there is no power, quite literally

Once it was the britishers who divided the people
Now our own politicians are dividing the people

Once there were temples that prevented lower caste people from entering
Now there are temples that still follow the same in the name of tradition

Once there was education that was meant for the Brahmins and the upper caste and well to do families
Now there is education that’s so expensive that only the rich can afford

Once we lived in a world filled with wars only fought on the borders, now we live in a world where war is fought right in front of us, in our daily lives.

Once the girls were sold in the name of dowry, they are still being sold in the name of dowry

Am I missing something because I don’t see anything changed from once upon a time to now. I may be missing something in which case please enlighten me


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