So close and yet so far

The unthinkable has happened; The unimaginable has become the reality; The impossible has become possible. I’m alluding to the Jan Lokpal movement. A movement that brought the Anna’s, the amma’s, the bhaiyya’s, the bhabhi’s and every ordinary man on to the streets and stay united and fight for one common goal, Introduce Lokpal and take action against corruption.

After Independence, I think, this is the only occasion and the only movement that can be truly classified as “The People’s Movement“.

After a series of talks, dialogues, negotiations between the civil society and the government, the stake holders ceded to the public pressure and agreed to introduce the bill in the winter session. This, mind you after the government tried all possible means to break the civil society representatives vis-a-vis Team Anna and or NCPRI.

  • First they tried to break the integrity of the team
  • Then, they tried to delay the process
  • All in all they managed to buy time to go into a break with the promise of introducing the bill back in the winter session.
In the meanwhile, the civil society representatives who were united as a team are now struggling hard to stay together. Be it ego clashes, be it difference of opinions, be it media, whatever may be the reason, the team has become a group of loosely knit individuals.

It took 64 long years to exercise the power of democracy; 64 long years to put pressure on the government; 64 long years to mobilize the people and 64 long years to make people think about the country. Having come this far and to see the team disintegrate is a severe blow not just to the campaign but to every individual who believed change is possible through democratic means. But, why are we only relying on the team !

The campaign’s success, agreed, largely was ( and is ) dependent on the team, but that doesn’t take away our responsibility. Why should only a few be held responsible for the success of this campaign. We have a couple of months before the winter session of the parliament. Between now and the winter session, can we not call our MP’s/MLA’s
  • to put pressure on their party
  • to let them know that it’s not just the TEAM, that wants the bill, but every individual who wants to secure a future for the next generation
  • to tell them they have a great chance to change the history forever and be a part of the history books
This is our future at stake, our country at stake, why can’t we do what is expected of us. What do you say, Shall we begin the “Call your MP” campaign again ? It’s time we “Call the MP’s”, yet again ! 
Some of the previous “Call history”

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