Rejected, Rejected and Rejected !

After 2 visits by the Sub Inspector of Police to my house in hyderabad and 2 phone calls from the DGP, i got the response to the RTI application below. The intention behind the RTI was purely informational to find out how prepared our police force, our security personnel were after the aftermath of 2007 bombings in Hyderabad. In fact most of the information I was trying to seek was what was promised by the government after the tragic incidents in 2007.

The Public Information Officer
Administration department,
DGP Office
Saidabad, Lakdikapool, Hyderabad – 4

Please provide us the below requested information, as per the Right to Information Act 2005, section 6(I). As per the RTI act Section 7(I) and section 2(J)(II), kindly send this at the earliest or within 30 days, through the certified copies at below mentioned address or through electronic mail (____________________________________). In case the information is available in a different office, as per the section 6(3)(ii), kindly transfer my request within 5days.

1) Provide details of the number of bullet proof vests currently available with the police force and the total expenditure on their purchase post the Aug 2007 Bombings.
Request rejected under article 8(1) of RTI Act 2005.

2) Provide details of plans if any to upgrade weapons used by the security personnel were upgraded to automatic or semi-automatic guns.
Request rejected under article 8(1) of RTI Act 2005.

3) Provide details if any of additional emergency response training to the security personnel.

The training wing has designed the syllabus and time table in respect of Stipendary Cadet Trainee Police Constables of both the Civil and AR to cover the subject of public security. The police training institutions have been imparting specialized training for all the SCTPCs on VIP Security to react on security aspects in emergency situations.

Further the additional DGP intelligence has been organizing specialized training on VIP security etc., periodically in respect of all the police personnel who are working in Intelligence Security Wing

4) Provide the following details with respect to any public awareness program planned to educate people about being aware of their surroundings for any unidentified packages etc
–>Names the programs
–>Duration of these programs
–>Areas where they have been conducted or plan to be conducted
Information requested is not pertaining to RTI Act 2005. Hence the same is rejected under 6(1) of RTI, Act – 2005.

Obviously due to logistical and other reasons i couldn’t follow up this response further. I wanted to seek clarification on
1) How seeking information on bullet proof vests can be rejected under 8(1) of RTI, Act – 2005 ?
2) How seeking information on public awareness programs not pertain to RTI Act 2005 ?

May be i will take this up in the coming days because getting Rejected, once , twice and thrice is not cool, that too without a valid reason.


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