Mera Baap Kisaan Hein

When Ravi asks Vijay to sign the confession letter, he refuses to sign saying he needs the signature from the man who had once written on his hand “Mera Baap Chor Hein”. I don’t have to tell you that this a scene from the classic movie Deewar.

Vijay, at least had someone to blame for his ill fate.

Who is to be blamed ?

These days the first thing that comes to my mind when i hear farmer is Suicide ! This is no exaggeration.

I tried calling our agriculture minister but I couldn’t get to him even after several attempts, I wanted to ask him the same question. There is a PM who says inflation could be due to prosperity, there is an agriculture minister who is more into cricket than agriculture, there is an opposition who is doing a rath yatra and there is me who is simply blogging and there is a farmer committing suicide.

Refugee in ones own country:

I know the farmers in our country had quite a distressing turn around from being the nations pride to becoming the most neglected and most ignored section of the society. I wonder what their children will be going through. Will they feel proud that despite all the hardships, their parents continue to plough the fields, sow the seeds, grow the crops, harvest them and manage a “Do Waqt ki Roti“. Or would they be thinking why bother go through all the pain, instead just sell the land, migrate to the city, pick up odd jobs and continue to live like a refugee in their own country. What is better of the worst. It’s hard to pick right ? The children must be facing a real tough time coming to terms with the situation.

Will they have a childhood ? Will they go to school ? Will they play with their friends ? I think these questions never cross their minds, because they will be thinking, Will they get to eat today ? They have to live on the mercy of the politicians and the babu’s to give them the subsidies, the money, the schemes the government had allotted to them.

When suicide becomes the only way of survival

When a farmer is pushed to the brink, with no money, no land, no subsidies, no grants, but only and only debt to the private money lender, the only way of survival is to commit suicide. No he is not running away from the problems instead he hopes at least the compensation will reach the family and will help them survive, mind you not live, but just survive.
What more can the farmers do to show that their situation needs some serious intervention ?

The most difficult and skillful job and yet so poorly rewarded

A software engineer has requirements, a missile scientist has even more precise requirements, a teacher has a syllabus to go by, a doctor, by and large has a procedure to follow, a farmer knows only what crop he has to grow. But everything else that goes into that is a variable such as the weather, the pests, the peoples life styles and a government that is indifferent to his needs. Unlike other professions there is no or very little margin of errors and there are no dry runs either.

After managing all the variables if he manages to produce a good crop, there is no guarantee that it will fetch him a good price. He then needs to depend on the market and worst of all, yet again the government to guarantee a certain minimum price and protect its interests in the global market.

What the future holds ?

We know what the farmers future is ? But what about their children, the next generation. Would they be branded forever as farmers because it’s written in their fate that “Mera Baap Kisaan hein” or can they turn this into a prized possession and fight for their rights, their subsidies, their land, their fair share of the deal from the government. Obviously they can’t fight this fight alone as they are up against the Big Babu’s, so are we willing to take up this fight or are we happy to buy the genetically modified vegetables, the frozen vegetables from the big super markets, the imported Dal and Chawal ? Whatever the future holds it all depends on what we do today ?

So should the farmer become another Vijay from Deewar because it’s written in his fate that “Mera Baap Kisaan Hein” ?


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