It’s not in Salim Javed’s Hands

The Rumble in the Jungle:

Police cars, CBI raids, politicians in and out of courts, massive corruption scandals, media reports, secret recording of the lobbyist tapes, opposition slamming the government and the government returning the punches, flash lights, phone calls, phone trappings, bribing,  you name it, its happening, it’s all happening !

The Invincibles: 

Somewhere in ralegan siddhi, a stubborn old soldier, somewhere in the city, an RTI activist, an honest police officer, a lawyer with a heart and a few other people cross paths. They talk, they discuss, they debate, they argue, they agree, they disagree, they write, they formulate and they come up with a historic bill which can help put checks in place to prevent corruption.When the common man was not common anymore:
The sincerity, the dedication, the honesty, the selfless attitude, the sacrifices of the team made them strike a cord with the common man. The team of invincibles took the country by storm. When the old soldier stepped out and held a fast, the common man joined him, when the old soldier was arrested, the common man got angry and took to the streets, when the old soldier would walk, the common man joined him in the walk.

The common man for the first time, felt empowered, even if it meant only for a few days or even for a few hours, but the common felt it. For most of them, it may have been the first time ever in their life.

Everybody talking sides:
The opposition would sometimes support, would sometimes oppose. The Media would invite the team, sometimes to seek their opinion sometimes to oppose their opinion and sometimes to insult their opinions. The government would write letters, send emissaries, make statements in the media, but didn’t dare talk to the team. Some movie stars came in support of the team, some stayed away from them. Some criticized the team with good intentions, some criticized with no good reason.

Entered the villain:
Allegations against the team members of wrong doing, tax evasions, false accusations, name callings, blame games, personal attacks, pitching the team members against each other, media playing a perfect role in magnifying every single one of these. In some cases, not doing their due diligence and when proven otherwise, even failed to apologize. The invincibles were not any more invincibles after all.  A team formed without any inhibitions, any barriers, any prerequisites now started to draw boundaries, define the rules, the right and wrongs. The team started to disintegrate.

The Upper Hand:

The government, the politicians, the bureaucrats, the wrong doers, the corrupt, the big players gained the upper hand, yet again. If the government doesn’t take up the bill, then there is no formidable force that could question them. It’s coming down to the wire.

The End:
It’s all going to come to a logical conclusion, either way. If this was a movie, I would have scripted in a way, that the team of invincibles would fight back and have the last laugh.
Unfortunately, while the incidents that took place in the last one year, which by the way is nothing less of a Salim Javed blockbuster movie, are all real life incidents happening in the real world, in the big ugly world out there. Remember there is only one winner and its now or never. So how do you want this to be scripted ?
It’s not in Salim Javed’s hands, it’s in our hands.

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