Six feet under and yet not safe !

An army Subedar knocked at the door sometime during the middle of the day. The door was opened after a few minutes. After a brief introduction, he disclosed the purpose of the visit. As soon as he finished saying it, the people in the house looked at him with utter disbelief. It was anger, frustration, disgust and even to certain extent hatred. A few youngsters even tried to land a blow or two, but the elders in the house stopped them. The next few days after that were very disturbing.

What did the Subedar Say ?
The elders were actually the mother and father, who were mourning the death of their young son. The youngsters were friends of their deceased son. When the Subedar was greeted at the door, he said something on the lines of “I’m sorry about your sons loss. I know it’s very painful to ask this, but I’m helpless. You have lost your son, I’ve lost my land. The land where your son was cremated belongs to me. So can you please dig up the remains and put it somewhere, so I can have my land back”.

This is why the youngsters jumped at him. The parents were angry as well but they were too traumatized from their sons death to fight back, at least at that moment. After some very heated arguments, the situation came down to normalcy with the Subedar backing away from his request.

An Act of Desperation
The Subedar was posted in another state on the army duty. It could have been his family who informed him of the developments and so he came rushing. He was in the uniform when he showed up at the house. A couple of days after this incident he apologized profusely saying and said that his helpless situation had forced him to make such a request. All his savings were put into buying this land and his family’s future was directly tied to this. He bought the land many decades ago when through a middle man, who claimed to the legal rights of the land. And since it was very closed to the cemetery it was also being sold for less than the market price. The cemetery did not have a clear boundary either.

Who is responsible for this situation

  • The family who buried their son for not verifying where is he is being buried.
  • The army Subedar for not doing his due diligence before buying the land.
  • The middle man whose greed made him indifferent to his human side.
  • The municipality for not securing the boundaries of the cemetery. All it could have taken is one signature by an officer in the department.

So what happened next ?
The family took a while to come out of the shock, the army Subedar never showed up after the second visit, the middle men, of course was not be found anywhere, but the municipality did build the boundary around the cemetery.

It’s actually a plot of a movie. I wish I could say that. Unfortunately, It’s a real life incident and I personally know the family who lost their son.

It’s not safe even 6 feet under the ground, after all !


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