Hurtful or Hopeful

I’m hurt, I’m tired, I feel defeated, I feel cheated, I feel let down, I feel disappointed, I feel dejected. It’s a feeling which words can’t describe. Why does it have to be this way ? Why can’t I trust my own people ? Why can’t I believe my own people ? I feel a lump in my throat. I can’t stomach this feeling.

  • A young girl is kidnapped and raped, the guilty don’t feel any remorse. No one to arrest them, no one to prosecute them. Why ?
  • A disaster that happened 27 years ago, the whole world witnessed this ? Yet, the guilty are not punished. Why ?
  • Elections are fought, votes are bought, next 5 years are spent recuperating the money. Bloody hell, ministers have turned politics into a business and yet there is no stopping them. Why ?
  • A school teacher is accused of being a maoist, tortured, everyone knows about it. No one reports it, no one condemns it. Why ?
  • There are schools in every village, or at least 4 walls there. However, the schools don’t have teachers. If they have the teachers, then they don’t have kids. Education is a fundamental right and yet when the right is not available, no one is held accountable. Why ?
  • Kids die in the hospital because the hospitals lack the basic amenities to take care of them on a timely basis. This is completely un acceptable. The entire country should be held accountable for this. But not even the local authorities are questioned. Why ?
  • A country that can’t offer a single meal a day to it’s citizens, what is it really proud of ?
  • People have to travel miles to just fetch a pale of water, what is the country proud of ?

It’s heart breaking. It’s heart breaking and it’s heart breaking.

There are serious short comings, lot of negativity around us, there are hardships, there is corruption, and then there is the freedom, the independence, the rule of law, the rights given by the constitution of India.

The freedom to express, the freedom to protest, freedom to celebrate, freedom to share, freedom to worship. Yes, sometimes this freedom is exploited, misused but by and large this is what keeping the country going. There are also individuals, ordinary individuals who do extra ordinary things in their life, that impact a whole society, a community. India is proud to have such individuals who with sheer determination, their passion and commitment have not only excelled in their life but have also served as an inspiration to the society, the community, the entire country in some cases.

I myself have been extremely privileged to have met few such individuals and i’m sure you must have come across such people in your life.  A Ganesh Pogula,  a Mallesham,  a Vijay Anand,  a Katari Srinivas, a Revathi, a Balaji Sampath, a Dr JP, a Prashant Bhushan , a Nikhil Dey, a Medha Patkar, a Venugopal , a Himanshu, a Praful Kumar, a Srinivasan and many other friends who I’ve personally met are heroes, leaders in their own way from whom I draw inspiration, motivation, courage, optimism that it’s not the end of the world and there is still hope.

  • Hope that we can question the authorities
  • Hope that we can stop the injustice
  • Hope that we can fight the corrupt
  • Hope that we can contribute to the change
  • Hope that we can still be part of the system ( however broken it is ) and yet fight it and reform it
  • Hope that we can someday be really proud of our country
  • Hope that roti, kapda aur makaan become every individuals right that they can enjoy
  • Hope that human sensibility, human emotions, moral values prevail.

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  1. Suresh, Very powerful thougts and straight as arrows hitting the spot and the spot varies by the reader – the guilty, the helpless, the wiseguys, hustlers making a quick buck, the self-styled business men who feel they are so smart to manage the ‘system’ and of course the corrupt institutions in India and the USA debauching society as a whole including the common man. Who is to blame? I lay the blame on the common man (including myself) for allowing the system to persist while I am busy taking care of my day-to-day concerns. In the USA and now in India, the prices, living conditions, standard of living and the cost of living are so difficult and high that you are forced to focus on them for 19 hours a day.

    The politicians job is unique both in the US and in India. They mingle and belong in the top 20% of the society, but thier job is to convince the bottom 80% that they represent them. They are paid and sustained by the top 20% to do thier job effectively and they do a great job. I blame the 80% selfish, foolish, pleasure grubbing gentry and they include starting with the poor and uneducated, the lower middle class and the middle class. The upper middle class are busy trying to get to the top 20% and the 20% are sitting pretty because they can. So I don’t blame them at all. I believe that we cannot demand moral behaviour from everyone. Only when the 80% understand that they can control the destiny and organize in both India and the USA, there is hope for the world. You may be surprised to know that US is in a worse position than India – Indian grassroots “thinking” is closer to reality than the brainwashed North americans.

    अपने सिर पर पूरी दुनिया के दर्द का भार उठाते

    Coming back to your story, it is interesting that you have 8 + 8 bullets – in ashtoththaram style and I am not joking that in the hands of a skillful wordsmith, they will make excellent lyrics for a great song. Remember to pass it on when you meet a great poet / lyricist.

    The last year or so, you are feeling more strongly about the state of Indian affairs and carrying the burden that the great and compassionate thinkers in history did earlier when they witnessed injustice around them. Only those blessed with “empathy” can feel so strongly and it is truly a burden to bear and I believe that you are one of those who are blessed thus with empathy. As your friend, all I can say is to be mindful that the world and its problems are larger than you so acknowledge that first and then continue your fight as best as you can and you are doing a fabulous job. Secondly, pelase spend sometime in the company of the great thinkers in deliberate scheduled reading of thier works – both Indian and western – especially the great thinkers of the western world will speak in more practical terms with reference to modern society – people like John Locke, Voltaire, Milton (aeropegetica – a must read and a difficult one on freedom of speech), biography of Martin Luther King and our beloved Gandhi himself and Nehru’s letter to his daughter etc. You find solace in thier company. My all time favorite novel is Les Miserables by Vicot Hugo and I strongly urge you to take the three weeks or so it will take you to read the “unabbridged” work (three inches thick and well worth the time – it will put the world in the right frame for you for Hugo is a great thinker himeslf but used a powerful stropy to communicate the state of his world – timeless wisdom in there and an enjoyable read.

    I feel inadequate to take up the challenges that you throw at your friends and acquaintences and hopefully I will be able to contribute one day.

    Cheers and keep up your good work.

    Subbarao Seethamsetty

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