Dont write the obituary

This is not just about cricket.

India lost 4-0 to England in the test series in 2011. Fast forward to Dec 2012, India is trailing 0-2 in the 4 match series with Australia. So it’s quite obvious to point fingers, pick on players, blame BCCI, blame IPL or even blame astrology. And I’m no different, i blamed BCCI and IPL to some extent.

The Ex-Cricketers or now the Experts 

The criticism against the Indian team while the cricket series is not helping either. Even the Gavaskar’s, the Kapil Dev’s, the Ganguly’s , all having played cricket for such a long time have gone through such a phase and fully understand the stakes and know that such criticisms mean that the players have to fight extra hard not just the opposition but this never ending scrutiny.  Comments to replace senior players or commenting on how the Indian team went for gokarting between the games instead of playing practice games is also unfair. The teams were announced well in advance and so was the itinerary. They had the time to comment and criticize but they chose not to !

What could they have done ?

Instead of criticizing in the media, they could have kept their personal comments to themselves and if they were so concerned should have directly spoken to the coach or the team manager or the staff and rendered their help or advice.

The Media

The Media have become so big that they wont listen to anyone but money. Anyways, if they are so concerned by India, the Pride, Glory etc, I dare them to do this in depth analysis, expert commentary on what is going in Chattisgarh and what is happening in North Eastern states. Would they ever do that ? Beyond this i don’t have much to say

We don’t criticize , We don’t comment , so what should be done ?

This is a no brainer. Instead of writing obituary of the Indian test cricket, talk about the rebirth of Indian test cricket. If we have the right people in the right places, i’m referring to BCCI, then can we not have a visions, a goal for the future of Indian Cricket.

  • Why not Australian pitches in India: Our players can get the exposure and experience right in our own backyard instead of getting beaten up in the most unfortunate way possible.
  • Test debutante’s: A player performing well in Ranji’s gets a break through and gets picked up for a very important series. Gets badly beaten up and dropped subsequently from the team. Munaf patel, Abhay Kuruvilla, Laxman ( although he fights his way back ), just to name a few.  If someone gets picked up, they need to be backed up , backed up in a way that even if they perform badly, they should at least not loose hope.
  • Obviously if the one’s who played cricket think through this, i’m sure they would be 50 different things that can be done to make sure a healthy environment is established and further nurtured.

This is not just about Cricket. Cricket is just a metaphor and anybody and anyone can find parallels with this. It’s easy to write off and be done with it, but not so easy to talk about revivals. You don’t believe me. India was knocked out in the first round in the world cup @ Carribean, came back the next time to win it.

Take politics. We love to criticize the politicians and why not they deserve it. But we can’t be simply criticizing all the time. We need to understand why things are the way they are, think what can be done to change it and take the reins in our own hands, support good candidates. So this is not just about cricket.

Don’t write the obituary, write the revival.


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