Behind the scenes of NRI Samay

It’s weekend and it’s almost 10:30am EST. Had to rush to make it to the studio on time. The show was to begin in 30 minutes. To give us time to settle down, I played a song from Rang De Basanti as a filler. In the meanwhile the other team members also got ready and were ready for the show.

It was 10:45am EST. I called our guest from India to give a heads up that the show is going to start in 15 minutes and also make sure there are no connectivity issues or problems with the phone calls. Our studio manager then took over. He made a gentle announcement about the show, about our guest and about other protocols.

It was 10:57am. And the the stage was set. The guest was on the show, the studio manager was set , the team was set and so was i , for I was hosting the show that day. The show began, the team was standing by to assist with the questions or comments, the studio manager was ready to take any live callers, and before I realized the one hour interview was almost coming to an end. It was 11:55 am EST and I was thanking the guest for being on the show and asked the guest for any closing remarks.


Welcome to behind the scenes of NRI Samay.

A brain child of 2 passionate individuals, which now grew into a team of 7 volunteers, NRI samay, an online radio, making a humble effort to bring the “Untold stories, Unheard voices, Honest perspectives” weekend after weekend after weekend.

Covering wide range of subjects from

  • farming issues to RTI activists
  • to budding politicians to kabaddi champions
  • to anti corruption,

NRI Samay has come a long way. The show is just an interview, an interview for one hour, an interview where the discussion is based on the questions and comments either posted online or asked live during the show, an interview which is worth 1 hour of the time.

It’s just an hours show but there is a lot of preparation that goes into making this 1 hour worthwhile. From scouting for the guests during the early part of the week, to preparing for the interview during the week, to advertising for the show online, to prepare communication material for the show, to collate questions/comments online, training the volunteers for being the host or being the studio manager or for online support and finally the 30 minutes before the show.

Despite all the preparations, just like everything else, there are setbacks. There are setbacks when the guests can’t make it and have to back out in the last minute, there are setbacks when the phone connections just go bad,  there are setbacks due to technical issues with the hosting service. But each one of the set backs has taught us a lesson, made us a little better than the previous show. It has made us to prepare even for the unknowns, made us have back up plans, made us look more professional when it comes to handling the unknowns.

But the end of the show, there is a great sense of satisfaction knowing that we as a team have brought out a voice that was either untold or unheard or honest.

Looking forward to an even better and bigger and an even more effective NRI samay !

Would also like to congratulate the two brains behind this who had shared the passion, developed the idea and had the courage to bring it to life.

So if you are just as excited as the team, as eager and anxious for that one voice, then what are you waiting for ! Reach out to us on or visit us @


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