It’s painful

  • It’s painful to know soni suri was tortured in the police station and even painful to see the silence around this !
  • It’s painful that sheila mehasood, an RTI activist gets killed for exercising a constitutional right and even more painful that the enforcers of the constitution fail to punish the guilty
  • It’s painful that an honest IAS officer Satyendra Dubey was brutally murdered almost 8 years ago and it’s even more painful that there is no end to such brutality
  • It’s painful that political parties have been fighting on roti, kapda aur makaan since independence and even more painful to see them work hard not to fulfill their manifesto but to convince the voters that they will fulfill if elected in the next term
  • It’s painful the doctors go on strike, the airlines go on strike, the retailers go on strike because their talks with the government failed, it’s even more painful to know the farmers don’t strike instead they just kill themselves because everyone has failed them.
  • It’s painful children die of malnutrition, common diseases such as fever and it’s even more painful that all these deaths are due to sheer negligence and are completely unavoidable.
  • It’s painful that Bhopal gas victims are still fighting for justice, it’s even more painful that they are alone in this fight
  • It’s painful that in the name of development people get displaced, get cut off from their roots, it’s even more painful when their fight for rehabilitation is condemned as anti establishment
  • It’s painful that a girl child is abandoned and left in the dumpster, it’s even more painful that at home, we worship Durga Devi, santoshi mata, saraswati Devi
  • It’s painful that most of the tribal people live in extreme poverty, it’s even more painful this when the natural and mineral resources exist in abundance
  • It’s painful that an expecting mother can’t get enough nourishment i.e. once a day, even more painful after the grueling 9 months  when she delivers a still born
  • It’s painful that technology hasn’t reached the poor forcing them to live in poverty, it’s even more painful when the same technology destroys them in the name of development

Yes its painful. From children to women : from farmers to tribals : question is not whether I can do anything or not , question is what should I do and how should I do ?


2 thoughts on “It’s painful

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  1. It is the fact that despite the people who sacrifice for the sake of Nation, there will be no dearth of people who continue to err, to do illegal and criminal activities, to think only about them and their family. Nature and world follows a law and we will be forced to follow whether we like it or not.

    Spirituality is the only way out and encouraging our Indians to look at the great history and the importance of giving the legacy to future generations. Dharnas, protests are only to satisfy ourselves that we did something but no one cares these protests any more.

    We should focus on good to eradicate bad in the society.

  2. I think a lot of people want to do something about it…but what is needed now is someone to tell them what needs to be done. And how. There has to be greater collectivization, more institutionalised activism, more think tanks and more educated and intellectual people re-orienting themselves to the need of the hour. People need avenues to march ahead, platforms to voice their concerns, groups where they can seek support and be supportive. I think that is the only panacea to this pain.

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