Beyond Hundred 100’s

You broke my heart
You made my day

You made me nervous
You made me excited

You showed what discipline is
You exemplified what being humble is

You carried the hopes of an millions of Indians for 22 years
You also faced their criticisms, their frustrations and their anger for 22 years

You are every bowlers priced wicket
You play every players dream cricket

You have hit the mcgraths, the Ambrose, the wasims and yet you got out to a debutante !

You are sometimes the little master and sometimes the master blaster.

But for me you are not just about cricket, you are about the unwavered love for the game, the discipline, the dedication, the passion, the hard work and above all the humbleness despite all the adulations , the accomplishments, the records.

In one word, you are simply Sachin !

The Wall:

You played a Defence unlike anyone else
You withered the bowlers
You tired the fielders

Your focus, determination and technique made you the most dependable
Your gutsy moves to open, lead and keep made you indispensable

Despite this You were dropped but you never gave up
You fought back and fought back hard and you always came up

You improvised, you adapted, you challenged
You reinstated yourself as the best in the business

You excelled in situations when no one else could
You improvised your techniques and skill to adapt to the changing times

You hardly spoke in the media because your bat did the talking
But when you did talk you left everyone in awe

There is a Great Wall of China and then there is our WALL !

It’s not just about cricket, it’s about everything else that made Sachin and the wall what they are. Ideal role models. Kumble is yet another gem who excelled beyond cricket. And their stories of ebb and flows, triumph and despair should be an inspiration to anyone and everyone !


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