Politics , Here I Come !

This is it ! Year after year, elections after elections, government after government, nothing has changed. If there is anything that changed that was the bank balances of our politicians, the number of criminal cases against them, the corruption scandals ……. Errrr !

Stop that ! Stop criticizing, stop being an armed chair critic, stop being the guys who knows all, says all but doesn’t do anything else, stop being the mr perfect.

How many times have we heard these arguments, I definitely have heard it many a times on many different occasions from different people.

So I’ve decided to take the plunge in politics, I’ve decided to be in the system to being the change that I as an outsider have been saying, I’ve decided to be the guy who only says things that he does. So let’s see, where do I begin, how do I begin and when do I begin ?

Where do I begin ?
Obviously I’m no Azharuddin to contest from a constituency that I don’t belong to, so I need to start from Defence colony.
1) And given that I’m a nobody I want to start small, want to start with the local ward elections i.e. approximately 50,000 votes.
2) I can’t convince my family most of the times, so convincing 30% of the voters to entrust me with the responsibility of serving them will be a daunting task.
3) pick a platform to fight elections. There is no doubt that loksatta is the best platform I’ve. Is it perfect, no it’s not. Will it be perfect ever, no it will never be. But its a good enough platform where I’ve the freedom to take my own decisions, challenge the party’s decisions ( if need be ) and stil work amicably within the framework of a political party.
4) Contesting as an individual adds more burden or resourcing and planning

How do I begin ?
Well I can’t rely on media for most of the time they telecast news they want to and not the news that actually happens.
1) I’ve to be in the constituency, with the people to learn, to understand, to experience, to acknowledge and only then I can even plausibly take up the mantle of being a facilitator to promote a healthy and organic life.
2) Please note I said even if I win the trust of the people, I will only do so as a facilitator not as a messiah or as a great inspirational leader who is going to change their lives as in a fairy tale or in a movie. I only have a desire, a rather strong desire to use politics as a means to ensure a quality life. Which is my biggest forte.
3)  I don’t have to a solution to all the problems neither I’ve the expertise to do so. But I’m willing to listen, am willing to learn, am wiling to fight, am willing to do anything towards a better society without cutting any corners.
4) since I don’t want to give money or give liquor in favor of votes, I have to prove that I can work with them in finding ways to create opportunities or remove hurdles in their way, to help move towards a better and equitable life.

When do I begin ?
How much do I know about the people in my constituency ?
How much do the people in my constituency know about me ?
What issues do I take up ?
Did I impact the life’s of the people in a positive way ?
Did I demonstrate leadership qualities ?
Do I have the patience and the courage to navigate the untested waters ?
Am I willing to sacrifice my personal life ?
Last but not the least, am I ok to live on the salary for a municipal councellor

Looks like I’ve figured out a way into the wild wild west of the politics, it’s that simple. Hell No ! What I’ve listed above is all my perception, only when I hit the ground the real test will begin

Despite executing all the above there is no guarantee that I’m going to win the trust of the people, but there is no short cut either. However, one thing is for sure, it’s not easy and never will be.

Salute to all those ordinary people, who took the extraordinary step to take the plunge into politics sacrificing themselves their careers and the families. So until I’m ready, I’m not sure If I will ever be ready, but the least I could do is support such political aspirants.


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  1. Lol satta is keep loosing the ground in elections despite doing hard work in election campaigns. People are not concerned much with changing bank balances or increasing scandals. Even they are concerned, they are not thinking loksatta is an option. Its really tough to sell corruption & clean politics to the people who are so indifferent. All the best.

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