Dear Mr Chief Minister garu,

When my little daughter asked me who a Cop was, I told her that a Cop is someone who fights the bad people and protects us all the time. Thanks to you Mr CM, I now have to say, Cop is someone who fights the bad people and protects us all the time, only if the bad people are not politicians.

Think about it Mr CM. Your act of transferring an honest ACB officer amidst a very important investigation, could very well protect your party and help stay in power till 2014 but the message you are sending to the next generation and to the next generation honest police officers is that it doesn’t matter how sincere and brave you are, you are powerless in front of the dishonest and corrupt politicians.

Acts like this happened in the past, happening now and will happen in the future. But Mr CM you are in a position to change this and create history. You could be the only CM who didn’t care about the party, the power and did what was right. I’ve never actually come across a kid who has asked who a politician was or who a CM was ? You have the golden opportunity to change this.

Honestly speaking dear Mr CM, you will not survive beyond 2014 i.e. politically and you may not have a political future after this, so you might as well do something good for the people and then go on a high note.

I want to tell my daughter, that a Cop is a Cop is a Cop and doesn’t care who the bad person, a Cop will fight and protect us.

Mr Srinivas Reddy, a no nonsense, honest ACB officer doesn’t deserve to be socially ostracized he needs to be celebrated. There very few anyways please don’t make them extinct.

If you can’t be that example , may I request you to sign the petition at least as an ordinary citizen , because you know in your heart, what is right and what isn’t.

Sign the petition anonymously :

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or even just share this information 🙂


A Concerned parent & a concerned citizen


2 thoughts on “Dear Mr Chief Minister

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  1. Yeah. Not sure why CM can’t see the opportunity given to him through Mr.Srinivas reddy to bring light to families dealing with liquor problem.

  2. In general, cops are the ones who catches the bad guys, and hit them until their ego is satisfied. They catch the bad guys unless they are 1) Politicians, 2) Rich 3) Powerful 4) has Family background 5) Popular 6) Gundas 7) Too difficult to catch etc. So basically, in most cases they catch the poor guys who do small jobs like pickpocketting. Cops are also the ones who do public service (as long as the public is in the above classes). These are the cops who gets promoted and move up the ranks, so they can support the rich and powerful more. The outcaste is the stupid cops who don’t seem to understand that the law is not the same for all. They gets punished one way or the other, again and again, until either they learn the code, or they give loose (job or life).

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