Just like old times

Sincere apologies K Srinivas Reddy Image! You did everything in your power to bring down the liquor mafia in Andhra Pradesh. You were fighting for us, you were sacrificing for us and our future generations and just like how it happens all the time, we let you down. We didn’t stand up for you long enough, we didn’t fight for you hard enough, we didn’t speak up for you loud enough, just like old times !

We did however

  • sign an online petition, which is not effective if we don’t have a critical mass
  • call the CM’s office but may be only less than 100 calls were made, which means our complaints would have fallen on deaf ears 

Beyond this we couldn’t take it to the streets nor did we talk to it to the media and just like the old days, media will loose interest in this, so will the online campaigns. So Sir, you will be left to suffer in isolation, as that’s the reward you earned for yourself for being honest. And just like old times there will be yet another Srinivas Reddy waiting to be crucified, waiting to be humiliated, waiting to be persecuted for his/her honesty. 

This is not just about one Srinivas Reddy, one ACB officer, it’s about all those people, who fight the selfless battle for the community, the society and the country. So Sir, there is not much to write about, there is not much to say except that, we are sorry. We are sorry every time this happens, we are sorry just like old times ! 

2 thoughts on “Just like old times

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  1. He is Proud for doing his job and he will never be let down. People like him work with their conviction and conscience and never care for the kind of support that they receive. Whatever support they receive, it is a kind of solace for them but not the only defining factor of their decisions or actions.

  2. Real Heroes will never let down their spirit in front of pressure or favour,the transfered ACB Cop Mr.Srinivas Reddy will be the jewel any where where ever he performs the duty as he moves with THE INFINITE IN NATURE;S POWER,HE HOLDS THE FIRE OF THE SOUL AND HE HOLDS LIFE IN DELIVERING PERFORMANCE.,
    GREAT INDIA 2020 for Transformed India

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