Hyma – A breath of fresh Air !

If I were to put my past 12 years in a nut shell : Take the GRE/TOEFL exam, apply for MS admission, graduate, secure a job,  buy a house, get married, have kids. So there it is, it looks to be a pretty packed 12 years with literally no time for anything else outside of my life, my family , my career , my mortgage and my friends.

Well for Hyma Sagi, her 12 years are no different, except, that amidst all this chaos and her life, her family, her career, her mortgage, her friends , she managed time for her community, her society, her country and just recently she took the big step of entering the most dreaded profession of our times, “The Politics“. She is contesting the 2014 assembly elections from Sanathnagar constituency,  Andhra Pradesh.

Her journey from a student to a married woman to an entrepreneur to a mother of two kids to a socially and politically conscious citizen is pleasantly refreshing to say the least. It’s a rather rare combination but a much needed one. But does this make Hyma the unique person who is all set to change the world, well i’m asking myself the same question, but then again I ask well why can’t she be the one ?
Politics, for one, is no joke. Well some politicians did make it a joke by not winning elections on the basis of merit but on the basis of money, but the real development lies in politics that’s inclusive, that’s development and growth oriented for everyone, that can encourage citizens to take active participation, that can empower citizens to be their own problem solvers. And given how the situation is today, where politicians spend more for travelling then for actual development, where politicians abuse each other instead of engaging in a constructive dialogue, it’s no joke that some one wants to venture into this. And yet, Hyma chose to look at the bright side that is it’s only through politics that real change can be brought about. It is this attitude that can help Hyma fight the politics, sustain the politics and eventually win the politics.
Support system:
Hyma firmly believes in doing things rather than stating things and so when her husband Praveen realized that hyma does have a passion towards this and the commitment she has, he encouraged and supported her in every which way possible. So the hard job of convincing the family to let her contest in elections was already taken care of. The family is a key to a solid support system which has enabled hyma to experiment, to fail, to learn, to grow and may be even to excel. So It’s now a matter of time to see how she can leverage this support system and build on it further.
What about leadership ?
250 people gathered on a weekend to attend hyma’s fundraiser. Mind you she is no celebrity, there was no media publicity and no, none of the audience was paid to attend the fund raising. So what brought in these people together. It was hyma’s work in the community, her leadership that was demonstrated in various social, cultural and political occasions.
She doesn’t have the political connections, she doesn’t have the political experience, she doesn’t have the money, but hyma is still a perfect candidate for the job, because we have all seen how people with experience, connections and money are doing. So hyma, thank you for being the fresh breath of air in a polluted world of politics and I just hope you can breeze through the challenges and create a storm in the people’s mindset forcing them to bring the change.
Learn more about Hyma and her work : Click here

3 thoughts on “Hyma – A breath of fresh Air !

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  1. All the best Hyma. I wish you do get a chance to serve the people and there are more like you who take the big step.

  2. Hyma:
    I admire your courage to enter into politics.
    I am confident that u will be a good leader than a politician and bring a good change in serving public. I wish you good luck for coming elections.
    I am with you…if I get opportunity to vote … My vote will be yours.

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