One Couple, 26 Kids, An orphanage in Warangal

Years ago, when I was in Hyderabad on a 3 week vacation, I happened to go to lunch with a couple of friends @ Paradise Biryani. As we came out of the restaurant, a 10 year old who was begging on the footpath saw us and started chasing us. My friend shunned him away and we got in the car and started driving back home. But Paradise ( people from Secunderabad can relate to this ) is a busy area with traffic lights and the usual chaos, the car was going at a snails pace. All of a sudden I see the boy in the rear view running behind the car.  In the meanwhile , the signal turns green and we start moving but the boy continued to run right next to the car. He didn’t even bother about the traffic heading towards him, risking his life. All for may be a couple of rupees which he never got. I just sat in the car , except for feeling bad about it, i didn’t do anything.

Out of the ordinary

But when Lokesh Nayak was confronted with the same situation, he did something. He did something that was out of the ordinary. Lokesh was working as a daily labor at that time. He saw a young kid at a function eating the left overs. He felt bad for the kid, he took pity on him. But he didn’t stop there and neither did he take him to another orphanage and handed the responsibility to them, instead he brought the kid home and started taking care of him. His wife stood by him and supported him in this noble cause. The couple started taking care of more orphan kids. While Lokesh used to handle the day to day operations , his wife parvathi cooked for the kids. In 2008, they registered an organization and now they have 26 kids between the age groups of 5 – 15. There are 11 girl children in the orphanage.

A really big heart

The couple’s commitment and dedication knew no bounds. They are not educated enough to make use the power of the internet and the technology, nor are they financially sound to be spending his personal wealth. All they had was a strong passion and a really big heart. They sold their 1 acre of land ,bought another place where they laid the foundation for the organization. Brick by brick, they literally built the 4 rooms as a safe haven for these less fortunate kids. Now the couple wants to build a compound wall, a gate, two restrooms and build 4 additional rooms in the remaining area of their land.

Lokesh and Parvathi truly made for each other just like Shiva-Parvathi. In this day of hardships and struggles, when it’s really a challenge to take care of ones own kids, Lokesh and Parvathi are taking care of 26 kids. Salute you both !

Penny Drive

Obviously I can’t go back in time to do something about that kid at Paradise Biryani, but I’ve another chance now. I could at least try and help Lokesh-Parvathi in help building the orphanage so the 26 kids can feel they are HOME. To begin with, I’m doing a penny drive. Yes exactly , a penny drive. Collect all the “change” to bring the “change”. So far I’ve gotten $40 from this change.

Monitoring this project

What about monitoring this project, well let me tell you, it’s probably in the safest hands possible, because TMAD has taken this up.  and I’m really proud to be part of this group for it lives by every word of TMAD i.e. To Make A Difference. You can visit TMAD to know more about the organization, the dedicated volunteers and the projects undertaken thus far.


6 thoughts on “One Couple, 26 Kids, An orphanage in Warangal

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  1. the compassion towards needy orphan is awesome,its going to be the role model for every enthusiastic leader to make the impossible to possible.
    WE stay in touch with your project,we wish u all the best
    Dr.Naageshwer Galipally
    GREAT INDIA 2020 National Movement for transformed INDIA
    aSwarna Bharathi 2020 Intiative

  2. Hi, this is shivakumar Thadishetti from warangal, how can approach you…
    Can u give me ur address.

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