Life Interrupted

I was born, I was loved, I was pampered, I was blessed, I was brought up And then I GOT RAPED – I’m Now A Rape Victim !

I’m told I was raped because I was walking alone on the road , because someone was angry at me and wanted to take revenge, because someone thought I was very beautiful , because I was helpless, because I’m someone else’s daughter or someone else’s sister or someone else’s mother or someone else’s wife, because it was a fit of rage, because I was not careful.
I don’t want to be a victim and I certainly don’t want your sympathies. I just don’t want to. I will either try to move on and get on with my life or will sink in the tragedy and destroy my life. This is my life that I wanted to live my way, but it was destroyed, it was ruined, it was humiliated, it was disrupted, it was interrupted.
I am angry, to say the least, not only because my life has been interrupted , but because neither the offenders of this grave crime are ever punished nor the community, the society, the government taking these offenses seriously.
Today it’s me, tomorrow it will be middle aged woman or a teen ager or even worse … I don’t understand what more needs to happen, how many more like me need to have their life interrupted. One search in the google on rapes in India, the first page itself will return so many results that one doesn’t need to search any further. I wonder what Gandhiji was thinking when he said “freedom is when a woman walks safely at midnight”, now a woman can’t walk even in broad day light. Neither the police can protect, nor the law can provide justice, nor the society can offer solace.
I haven’t seen the situation change and am not hopeful that it will change either. Below is some statistics that’s on NCRB ( National Crime Records Bureau ) between 2003 to 2007
I’m Suresh and I’m sick, tired and mostly ashamed of simply reading the news on RAPE incidents and not being able to do anything, anything at all. I’ve to do something and will do something. In a few weeks, I will more clarity around what I/WE can do together !
  • RAPE victim is one of us and so is the offender. Question is why ?
  • For the victim, the misery doesn’t end with the RAPE, it begins with the RAPE.
  • It’s not just the RAPE victim, but the entire family is abused
  • if society can allow RAPE’s to happen, they can prevent them as well
  • don’t just sympathize with the victim, help prevent the RAPE
  • Gandhiji said the day a woman can walk at midnight is when we attained freedom, but woman can’t even walk in broad day light, what does that mean ?
  • Lets all come together for once, to save the pride of our society, the Woman, and Say “No More RAPE’s”

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  1. U understand a woman’s heart, probably better than a lot of women. 🙂 Wanted to see if we have ‘sex offender registry’ in India. Thinking that, it may induce some fear in the offender.
    Bumped in to a page called ‘India must have national sex offenders registry’. I guy publicly posted very inappropriate comment there. Look at all the women he has subscribed to . They all have thousands of subscribers. Don’t want to judge those girls, but my heart and head hurts. So tempted to numb myself and move on ….

  2. – Hyderabad Rape Victim ki news aaj tak , ibn , ndtv, zee news , Abp news aur dusrey national channels se abhi tak gayab. #‎whylykthis

    -Arey Hyderabad ka local news channels like:
    Tv5 | Studio N | Tv9 | Ntv etc…
    – even ki ek chota sa scroll bhi nahi mila dekh na ko?
    – ye kya ho raha hai , hyderabad mein itna protest aur national media mein news abhi tak nahi aayee..?
    #‎biasedmedia ; #‎mediasucks ; #‎paidmedia

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