the Glimpse

“It felt as if I had been given a crash course as to what the problems plaguing India were and what different NGO’s were doing to address them” – John said something to that effect, after witnessing the Glimpse. A couple of parents who came to witness their kids perform in the event said, they were very glad to have come and felt very content that their time was worth spent. NGO’s that participated in the event said, at a time when it’s getting difficult to create opportunities to get infront of the people, “the Glimpse” provided a platform, an audience, a purpose. Every one of them extended their support to make “the Glimpse” much bigger, brighter and better next year.

So What’s Glimpse About ?

It’s an honest effort to bring together NGO’s working in different problem areas with the sole intention of creating awareness about their activities. There are enough good people in the society, with good intentions and a heart to contribute to the society. Most of the time this good will remains untapped because there aren’t enough outlets which they can trust their effort, time and money with. This is where “Glimpse” hopes to

  • bridge the gap
  • bring the people and the NGO’s together under one roof
  • bring the NGO’s under one roof and help share their experiences and expertise
  • create an excitement and buzz around the NGO’s, so they can spend less effort in marketing and advertising themselves and more on their work, their mission and their goals

How was the response to Glimpse ?

If we measure the response only in terms of the number people who attended the event, then may be the event was not a success. But if we measure the success by the response of those who attended, by the enthusiasm of the volunteers, by the reaction of the NGO’s, then yes, it was a big success. And all the more commendable because this is the first time such an event was attempted and all though we were a bit apprehensive, we never were worried about success or failure, we only wanted to do our best.

Why is there a need for Glimpse ?

  • Why can’t a simple cataract operation that costs about a Rs 1000 be performed on time so their chances of going completely blind could be avoided – Sankara Eye Foundation ?
  • Why can’t their by a provision of homeless – Akshaya Foundation ?
  • Why can’t education be provided as a right to every child, irrespective of class, creed, social status – Uplift A Child & Help Foundation ?
  • Why can’t politics be a viable career just like an engineer or a doctor – People For LokSatta ?
  • Why can’t education loans be given to everyone – Telugu People Foundation ?

As long as the “Why” exists, there will be a need for the NGO’s and thus creating the need for Glimpse ! So coming next year – with the same spirit but double the effort !


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