Wah Mere Neta !

  • There is a politician who on paper is the most powerful, but in reality is the most impotent
  • Another politician who at a time when the farmer suicides was on the rise, was holding the chair for the most profitable sports of our times
  • This politician was caught in the mother of all scandals
  • There is another one who played a direct role in one of the worst communal riots of our times
  • Second to none, this politician was involved in bribing in the floor of the house
  • This one to gain attention, kept driving away immigrants, claiming to be the messiah of his people
  • Not far behind, this one was the voice of the people, but soon became the leader who punished those who spoke against
  • No one knew him until he came out of the shadows of his father, but once he came out, he was arrested on the charges of corruption, the level of corruption was something like never before
  • This one would tickle the bones but that was only to mislead people, one of the most intelligent politicians ever
  • This one was a leader of the poor, but once the riches got to this person, it was an entirely different story. This politician turned the whole state into a place of self glorification
  • This one is not a politician, thankfully, but important enough to influence the living, but doesn’t consider others life that important
“Wah re mere Neta – Wah, Apka jawaab nah”

Why should these politicians been anonymous, because they haven’t done anything good to be remembered fondly. They are better of if forgotten. So where is the hope, where is the future, where is the possibility for change, where is the light at the end of the tunnel, when will this end.

  • Then there is a politician who quit the corporate world to help the problems of the ward members
  • Another one who could have had a successful career in the corporate world, but became the leader to oblige the villagers requests
  • This one could have become anybody or anyone but chose not to and wanted to become a problem solver and now seeking an active role in the profession of politics
  • Another one who could have been a worthy candidate for any political party, relinquished everything and started a party, in the process inspired a new wave of young aspirants

but yes, this tribe is small in number, but the good thing is it’s growing. Even if it’s at a slow pace, it’s growing. It’s up to us whether

  • we protect this tribe or let it become extinct
  • we nurture them or let them starve
  • we see them fight for us or join them in their fight

And then we can really say, “Wah Mere Neta – Wah” !


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